My would let them. Research shows that risky

definition of play prior to reading the article is a concept in which children
develop their overall well-being. The last couple of years I’ve worked in a
daycare and a kindergarten class. I always asked myself why children play all
the time. The educators said it helps with development in all areas. After
reading the article “The importance of outdoor play for young children’s
healthy development” (Bento,2017), it gave me a greater outlook on the
importance of play. Although it has focus on outdoor play, it has significance
to indoor as well.

of all, this article has taught me the following: technology is taking over; families
are not fully aware and play gives children various opportunities. Technology
is everywhere in the modern world including schools. Many educators introduce
technology in their classrooms such as iPads, laptops and television. Technology
is appropriate in some cases, such as teaching a lesson or educational games.
Many children have access to it at home. In my opinion I think children are too
attached and school/ daycare should be a place where they play physically.
Also, there are families who are not fully aware of the importance of play. Educators
should give input to parents on the benefits of cognitive, social, physical and
emotion well-being. Therefore, families can promote play at home as well. As well,
play gives children socialization opportunities, learned risks and builds up
immunity (if outdoors). Children learn to socialize with their peers while
playing. Learning how to converse and deal with scenarios can help with speech
and interacting. While playing, children learn the risks by trial and error. For
example, if a child were to climb the play structure we would let them. Research
shows that risky play benefits persistence, entrepreneurship, self- knowledge
and problem solving (Bento, 2017). As far as immunity goes, outdoor play is a
good way to build up the immune system. If children are playing outside on a
regular basis, helps those with respiratory problems and skin conditions calm
their symptoms.

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addition, I will highly support play in my education program due to the endless
developmental factors. The environment will consist of a large, organized space
where children can roam freely. Instead of using indoor lights at all times,
blinds will rolled up allowing natural light into the classroom. There will be
a variety of play equipment and materials easily accessible for the children. Month
to month I will bring in new materials for children to enjoy and play with as
children can lose interest. All materials will engage children and their best
interests. Around the classroom will be photographs and art personalized by the
children displayed at their eye level. As well, there will be a cozy, quiet
area for children to relax and play individually. I will include many
activities such as painting, arts and crafts, play dough, sensory table and
much more. The children will play outside as much as they can and we will go
for walks as a group, pointing out environmental objects and making it into a
mini lesson.

if someone were to say play has no value, I would educate them about all the
reasons it is important. I would state the three developmental factors: social,
cognitive, physical and emotional. Without enhancing those factors with play,
children cannot thrive. Let children play throughout childhood, and they will
grow up to be independent, well- aware people. Dr. Arnold Gesell stated “The
mind of man is hand-made”. Connecting to the quote, children are the ones to
develop their mind. This all connects to play; it is development for the mind
which it is the child who makes everything grow. Parents, next time you
complain or ask why children are outside just know it’s for the better. They will
grow and develop into blossoming adults. If all your child wants to do is play,
let them be.

conclusion, I believe play is essential in all education curriculums. It helps
children grow and thrive by stimulating their cognitive abilities, as well as
emotional, physical and mental. In my future as an excellent ECE, I will
promote and encourage play in my classroom. I want the best for my students and
want to see them develop at their fullest.