My After Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) exam, without

My objective for graduate studies in
Computer Science is to prepare myself for the long-term goal of pursuing a
career in Computer science technology with research. I have cherished a strong passion
to become a successful person in computer science field, and pursue research.

From my childhood, I
had a strong aptitude for technology. Since then I had a passion to become an
active participant of the computer revolution. After Higher Secondary
Certificate (H.S.C) exam, without thinking twice I admitted to Computer Science
and Engineering (CSE) at United International University (UIU). Throughout my
studies, my interests became more focused on some courses such as Discrete
Mathematics, Data Structure & Algorithm, Database Management System,
Artificial Intelligence, and System Analysis & Design. During my
undergraduate studies, I strived to learn fundamental concepts of these
courses, and acquire insight into the science of computing. I also developed
some projects using different programming languages.

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Furthermore, I worked
on “Study Mate- Smartphone Application” in my final year undergraduate
project/thesis. In this work, we designed and developed a system that enable
students to avail books in an affordable way. Students can collaborate with
each other for different subjects in a common platform. The system includes
texting and calling facilities where student can directly call another student
regarding any books. In a word, we developed a vibrant student community. We
developed our project in Android Studio IDE, and Firebase server database has
been used. For our research purpose, we have facilities to analyze the user
data using firebase analytics, and then update the application according to the
analyzed data. Once we will receive huge amount of user data from the app, we
can analyzed these data by Machine Learning techniques to find the useful
information that could be sent to the Higher education board or educational
institution as a recommendation.

I was also an active
member of UIU computer club, and UIU social service club. We organized few
events such as winter cloth distribution, art competition, relief distribution.
In winter cloth distribution, I was one of the treasurers of this event. I had
managed aid collections, buying goods and distribution list. Besides, I
participated “Women in Technology” workshops at UIU. These all activities
helped me to acquire leadership quality, communication skills, and made capable
to work in a team and individually.

From a careful study
of the department’s brochures, and information from the current students of
NDSU, I have realized that NDSU can provide me with a perfect environment to
fulfill my goals. I came to know that it is one of the reputed university that
integrate research into classes, and allows access to state-of-the-art,
technologically advanced research facilities to its students. I also impressed
with the curriculum of Master’s Program in CS at NDSU. Interestingly, there is
a great scope for me to pursue four mandatory courses along with wide range of
courses like Introduction to Data Mining, Advanced Artificial Intelligence,
Human Computer Interaction, Software development, and graduate seminars.

My research goal is to
design better technology for unprivileged people. For that, I would like to gain
insight knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to develop my research skills. Low and Middle
Income Country (LMIC) are not getting full advantages of technology due to the
large population growth rate, inadequate physical and financial resources. As I
am from LMIC, I am eager to learn how developed country like USA are using state-of-the-art
techniques to solve social, and health problems. Following that I plan to
design and develop appropriate technology so that unprivileged people of LMICs can
take advantages of it. I have come across the recent works at CS department of
NDSU. I developed keen interest on the research work that has been done in the
AI, ML, and HCI areas. I do believe if I can avail the opportunity to do
Masters in CS at NDSU, I’ll be able to learn the required techniques, and can
contribute to the society that I dreamt of.

In a nut-shell, I am
very passionate to start
the Masters in Computer Science Program at North Dakota State University
(NDSU). I am confident that my technical, interpersonal abilities along with
the leadership skills would appreciate the opportunity to be considered for master’s
program in CS at your university.