My included in the syllabus. This made me

My fascination for science developed at an early age,
this was the result of a class conducted by the school that taught various
scientific principles and other concepts not included in the syllabus. This
made me curious and interested towards topics space, nature and its related phenomenon’s,
vehicles and various surrounding objects and products that are used in our day
to day life. I have always been curious towards finding out working of
different mundane and unique objects which is why I got attracted towards the
field of science and engineering. Also, with my father being a mechanical
engineer himself fuelled my interest in pursuing engineering as a career

Throughout my school days, I was a really disciplined
individual with a liking towards subjects like physics and maths and was always
hard working whether it was academics or extracurricular activities. So after
graduating 10th standard, I enrolled for a diploma in automobile engineering
branch in government polytechnic Ahmedabad which is a very prestigious
institute in my state. I chose to do diploma instead of high school because it
provided technical knowledge and hands-on experience. As a result, I have some
edge over high school students with the practical knowledge I gained in the

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This course had a great and a well-planned curriculum
which provided knowledge of practical application of the theoretical concepts. This
course laid the foundation for understanding the various areas of the field
like design, manufacturing, quality, and testing etc. Subjects like kinematics
of machine and mechanics of solid introduced me to component design which made
me interested in this area, professors also exposed me to various software’s
that are being used in the industries for drafting, modelling, simulation. So I
learned to operate auto-cad during this course which helped in understanding
more about mechanical drafting. Other subjects like automobile diagnostic and
testing, electronic systems helped in expanding the knowledge about the field.
The main advantage of this program was the six-month internship at company
workshops. I did my internship in authorized TATA workshop, here I got a hands-on
experience and observed various systems that I had only read in books up until
now. It really cleared various doubts and concepts about various systems and strengthens
my fundamentals. This internship really had a positive effect on me as I got to
experience how the industry works and in what culture or environment people

With deep interest to gain more knowledge about the
field, I enrolled in the undergraduate program of automobile engineering in
L.J. Institute of engineering and technology which is affiliated to Gujarat
Technological University which is a well-known college for its academics. This
program took me a step further in the field by providing more detailed study of
various subjects like machine design, vehicle dynamics, cad/cam, heat transfer,
material science and metallurgy, manufacturing process which taught about
instruments, machines and procedures used in the industry, this became possible
because of the experienced and passionate faculties who helped and motivated us
throughout the duration of course. Along with academics the labs conducted
provided knowledge about how to use various measurement instruments, how to
carry out a test to find various parameters, how to do welding and introduction
to operating various machines. There were also various technical and non-technical
events in which I participated

During this period I also attended various industrial
visits where I got to see how a company functions. The visits were in major
companies like G.S.R.T.C, Apollo earth movers, Vishal foundries and more. With
the increasing interest in design, I also learned to operate creo which is 3-d
modelling software; these are used during the starting stage of product
development. I have also made project as part of the program, it is a user-defined
project where the problem it is related to is pollution. In this, me and my
team will design a device that will reduce the particulate matter in the air
and try to mitigate smog in the atmosphere.

I want to pursue automobile engineering branch because
automobiles have a great prominence in the world for many decades and is still
a branch where new innovations and research are going on that has a worldwide effect.
Also, this field is multi-disciplinary which makes it more interesting to work
in, as automobile amalgamates various principles and mechanisms.

That is why I want to pursue my graduate studies at
your revered university. Canada being a hub of various mechanical and automotive
industries and various research and development centres is the reason I want to
do my graduate studies in this country. University also has a geographical
advantage as it is located near an international border with core industries in
the area and also university conducts co-op programs to help their students
stay in touch with the industries and provide them professional experience.
Another plus point of university is its partnership with research centres like
ARDC which is a highly respected centre for testing and improving quality of
various systems and it also provides internships and training to students that
will help in bolstering my portfolio and develop new skills along with getting hands
on experience under industry experts. This automotive program under the
guidance of expert faculties will help me understand the field and its
application at a higher level. The University of Windsor is a highly revered university
and this course within graduate program really helps in developing my career.
So I hope you will consider me for this graduate program at your university.