Most The research is clear that adolescents who

Most teenagers find themselves having a hard time waking up on time so they can get to school on time or even early, while students also struggle to stay awake during class. Students and parents are concerned and are wondering why school starts so early and if that time reference can be changed. One Doctor says “Chronic sleep loss in teenagers and adolescents is one of the most common – and easily fixable – public health issues in the U.S. today. The research is clear that adolescents who get enough sleep have a reduced risk of being overweight or suffering depression, are less likely to be involved in automobile accidents, and have better grades, higher standardized test scores, and an overall better quality of life. Studies have shown that delaying early school start times is one key factor that can help adolescents get the sleep they need to grow and learn.” School starts early for many reasons, by delaying school mornings, the life of students, teachers, and parents would be controlled by school and school activities. Scientifically it has been proven that teenagers are not morning people but perhaps night owls. They have a biological tendency to stay up at night and sleep later in the morning. Also, procrastination is a big factor, if a teenager had the choice between school work or to do another activity they enjoy more, they are more than likely to choose the ladder. Teenagers should be getting eight to nine hours of sleep every night, but with their tendency to stay up late or even procrastinate those hours are slowly slipping out of the grasps of these teens. It has been reported that it is not unusual to find that teens have fallen asleep in classes or have loaded up on caffeinated beverages to stay awake. “The AAP is making a definitive and powerful statement about the importance of sleep to the health, safety, performance, and well-being of our nation’s youth,by advocating for later school start times for middle and high school students, the AAP is both promoting the compelling scientific evidence that supports school start time delay as an important public health measure, and providing support and encouragement to those school districts around the country contemplating that change.”  The only problem with changing the time school starts is, that it is much easier said than done. School starting later means a lot more than just proividing teenages with the full eight to nine hours of sleep they need. It is also changing a teenagers schedule during a day, which is very difficult. Students who are usually under the age of sixteen usually depend on the transportation of their parents to get to school, unless of course they ride the bus. By changing the time school starts that would mean parents would have to show up late to work or students would have to show up hours before school even starts, so their parents are not late for work defeating the whole purpose of getting more sleep at night. One other problem with school starting later would be for the students who have extra activities after school like sports or clubs. With these after school activities it would make them a lot more busy than a average student already is. Students already get home later with after school activities, by changing the time school starts to later students would not be getting home until much later which means eating later as well, which is not a healthy choice. Students also have the add on stress of getting their homework done too. In the winter it gets dark earlier, and students would be getting home at dark hours, which is dangerous if students would be driving especially in the snow on black ice. If school starts earlier, than that would mean school would have to stay open later than it already does for after school activities that go on after school official hours. They would also have to be open earlier as well for students who have to be dropped off early because they don’t have a way of transportation other than their parents. It is difficult to find schools that all commonly start at the same time some a lot earlier and some a lot later than others. Although, discussing on what the appropriate time for school to start is a different matter. But school that start earlier than 7:30 are not good for the students’ health at all. A reasonable time for schools to start is 8:00-8:45 so that the students are not completely sleepy but still awake enough to comprehend what they are learning and not forget.Teenagers already go to bed late because of their tendency to stay up later, also they have the responsibility of homework and after school activities. If the goal of school starting later is for a student to get more sleep it would not be accomplished by starting school later in the morning. The student would be going to bed even later than usual because of their packed afternoon as well as finishing all their school work. Some teenages also have jobs that they attend too after school which shifts usually do not get off until 8:00 or even later plus the added on work of homework. If school ends later, students will have less time to use the library, among many other community resources. However, students do seem to be able work more efficiently when the have more sleep.Most families have a very step by step schedule worked out to balance the many activities of each of its members. By changing one simple thing in the schedule (like time) could completel throw everyone off balance and create a stress that would not have been there before if school timing stayed the same. Along with just changing the highschool kids time this could have effect on younger grade students have the early start times, they may be waiting for the bus in the dark early mornings alone when they could easily be snatched, or waiting at home alone after school with no one home. And teachers would have less time with their families before or after school if they have to stay to tutor other students, which may create family stress.Even though there is a problem with not getting a lot of sleep at night, school should not start early. Making school start later would only make things more stressful for the students, parents and workers for the school. More parents might need school start times to align with their work schedules in order to transport their children to and from school. Even though it is very unpleasant and exhausting having to wake up early in the morning for school, it is better for everyone.