Met Abdoulhaye Ndaw for the first time.

Met Abdoulhaye Ndaw for the first time. Asked him about his experience as a physical therapist and about how the process was becoming one. Talked to him about my scholarship to EMU and their PT programs and he recommended that I see if their classes are transferable. He also recommended for me to look into applying to Wayne State University.Conducted a thorough interview concerning the pros and cons of becoming a physical therapist. Dr. Abdoulhaye Ndaw explained to me what stages he had gone through mentally in order to make the decision to pursue a career in this line of work. I wrote down the questions before hand and filled out the answers as Dr. Ndaw answered my questions. As a physical therapist while working for an hour Dr. Ndaw might help a patient rehabilitate a recovering ankle that has sustained severe damage by gradually increasing the intensity of specific ankle stretches. He was very informative and gave me a gist of what to expect working in this line of work.Dr. Abdoulhaye Ndaw explained to me while working as a physical therapist, every day is a new day. Your meeting schedules are different every week and as a result, a physical therapist’s day is different every day. Some days you may or may not have more than ten meetings scheduled for the dayMany different exercises and tools are used by physical therapists to improve a patient’s coordination and strength. Today, Dr. Ndaw taught me that you must be very careful not to over-motivate. Meaning, you need to realize that just like anyone else these people do have limits and pushing a patient past their limits is neither beneficial to the patient nor to the reputation of the physical therapist and physical therapy clinic. I watched as he slowly progressed from normal stretches to stretches with light 2-5lb dumbbells with his patients, depending on how much progress the patient had recently made.I observed as Dr. Abdoulhaye Ndaw as he gave patients the tools and guidance for a healthy recovery. Dr. Ndaw stressed the importance of phenomenal rehabilitation. Phenomenal rehabilitation provides a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises for patients to perform at home. People who suffer an injury and do not receive advice specifically from a licensed therapist may end up worsening or prolonging their injury.Today while shadowing Dr. Ndaw he stated that applying ice can play an essential role in the treatment of an injury. Elaborating on this, he explained that when you apply ice your blood vessels constrict effectively reducing or even preventing inflammation which increases joint mobility. On the other hand the application of heat is also another effective PT method which not only increases mobility and flexibility, the application of heat has been proven to decrease pain as well.Dr. Abdoulhaye Ndaw informed me regarding the first step a physical therapist takes when treating a patient with an injury. He specified stating that the initial phase in the treatment procedure of any good physical therapist is assessment and evaluation. Questioning and clarification are essential. Physical therapists must make point by point inquiries about how the damage happened.