Me, of Esfahan From Persian New Year and

Me, Myself, and



Young, wild, and
free like the sapphire sea

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Always dreaming of
my foreseeable future and just being me

Seeking peace from
the tornado tearing through my mind

Never ending nights
with the stars leaving me blind

Artful choreography
in the dance of my life

Kicking out any
negativity and reducing my strife

Hearing the sweet
sound of hundreds of cheering fans

Out on the football
field dancing as well as I can

Shining brightly, as
radiantly as the sun

Heat emanates from
all around in the sauna that is my hometown

Beautiful souls
surround me keeping out any frowns

Astounding sunsets
dripping pink and blue like a watercolor in my mind

Kaleidoscopic tiles
in the mosques that I find

Humor filled nights
with the ones that I love

The beautiful city I’ll never get tired




When 2 Cultures


I am from elegant
calligraphy and evil eyes

From ghormeh sabzi and
mouthwatering kabobs.

I am from the harsh
heat of Ahvaz and the beauty of Esfahan

From Persian New
Year and summertime fasting.


I am from late
night Whataburger and Friday night football games

From the year-round
Houston heat and harsh humidity.

I am from weekend
trips to the mall and dinner at Churrascos

From elevator hide
and go seek and Saturday night movies.


I am from Harry
Potter and The Hunger Games

From SpongeBob and
Courage the Cowardly Dog.

I am from The Jonas
Brothers and One Direction

From matching
outfits with Yasmine and being mistaken as twins.


I am from
picturesque summertime trips

From childhood
memories captured on dusty camcorders.

I am from the new
locations I wish to see

From future places
and memories past.








The sunshine
sparkles in the reflection of the sea

Crystal clear
waters call out to me

Pelicans fly high
above the silky waves

Not a cloud in the
sky, the weather never misbehaves

Sand underneath me
kisses my feet

Not a place in the
world has the ocean beat

The warm summer
heat sticks to my skin

Leaving the sea
feels like a sin

The sickly-sweet
flavor of ice cream envelops my taste buds

The waves crash on
the shore with huge thuds

Salty smells from
the ocean fill me with glee

Not a place in the
world I would rather be