MAJOR LEGAL REQUIRMENT APPLICABLE TO IPO AND LISTING: 1. Application for leaning to the stock trade: A guarantor that way to list any of its security on a stock exchange may make an application to such stock exchange under segment 9 of the securities and trade law in 1969. The application under segment 9 may be made on the game plan given at Annexure-I and ought to be joined by such records and data as specify in it. Any security offered are issued to the overall population as there should be recorded on the stock trade. 2. Issue of offers by an organization or a body corporate through initial public offering. An association may raise its assets for meeting its money related requirements for issue of its securities for ex shares securities et cetera to various classes of monetary experts including the general overall population. At whatever point an association raises finance from the overall population , it is required to under area 57 of the organization statute 1984 the mandate of issue course and to distribute and after endorsement of SECP outline. An archives welcomes to the overall population for enrollment of securities of an association. 3. Sale of offer to open by a current investor: A man who hold over 10% of offers in the association or a body corporate may offer for such offers in totality to an overall population through an offer available to be purchased rebate. 4. Eligibility for posting: Any open recorded association or body corporate having at any rate paid up capital of two hundred million for Appling on recorded on the stock trade in Pakistan. Seciation 2 of the association private constrained association welcome the overall population participation of their securities including shares 5. Issue size and assigning of capital: Keeping in the view the base seat check RS200 million paid up capital • The association searching for posting. • In the instance of issue of paid up capital for issuing of an association is rely on the RS 500 million no less than 25% of such capital ought to be offered to the overall population. • In instance of the capital issuing of the association in RS 500 million in general society offers should be no less than 125 million or 12.5% of the post issuing of paid up capital. Whichever is higher. Such association may, in any case, overhaul the quantum of open shareholding to 25% inside four years of its posting. Ventures in the IPO procedure: There are a few stages which are talked about in the initial public offering process. • Planning for IPO process • Choosing guarantors • Filing an outline • IPO advancement • Final offering cost and sum • Selling on the stock exchange • Initial open offering Allocation • Initial open offering Analysis • Initial open offering documenting • Initial open offering stocks A first sale of stock or securities exchange dispatch is a sort of open offering where offers of stock in a cpmoany are sold to the overall population out of the blue