Maintaining about 20 minutes before the carpet can

the look, saving money, preventing the spread of allergens & bacteria are
some reasons why carpet cleaning is so important. Carpet fibers are bacteria’s
favorite playground and researches states from an average indoor carpet to be
about 5,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Also, let’s not forget debris
from the outside environment like clothes and shoes working into those carpet fibers.
So, let’s address some carpet care techniques to keep us all ahead of contamination.
What are the pros and cons of dry
cleaning (ex. shampooing, encapsulation) vs hot water extraction?  Which method is most effective for carpet


 Dry Cleaning

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Powder that
has been mixed with special solvents and cleaning agents is spread over the carpet and then worked into the carpet fibers
with a machine with counter-rotating brushes. The powder absorbs soils in the
carpet fibers. After it’s allowed to set on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes,
it’s vacuumed up.


great on delicate carpets

carpet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of large quantities of water

drying time, it typically only takes about 20 minutes before the carpet can be
back in service.


clean deep into carpet fibers

poor suction vacuums are use absorbent powders may not remove from carpet
causing debris build up and more dirt accumulation.

with allergy will be affected due to
dust/debris build up.





The oldest
method of carpet cleaning is shampooing,
a rotary machine sprays detergent solution into the carpet while a special
attached absorbent pad better is known as
“bonnet” agitates and removing soil, debris, and
detergent.  After the drying process
carpet is vacuumed removing any loosened dirt


moisture cleaning requires little to no drying time.

for a low moisture procedure such as carpet shampooing is cheaper than hot water extraction.

moisture methods conserve water.



Many low moisture methods only clean the top
one-third of the carpet they are generally recommended as interim cleaning

Harsh stained areas of carpet may not respond well
to this method


Carpet Cleaning 

The chemical cleaning
solution is applied to a motorized rotating brush and then worked into
the carpet fibers. The chemical solution works like little scrubs and
encapsulates and crystallizes the dirt particles which you can easily vacuum to
completely remove dirt from the carpet.


Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses very low
amounts of water, so your carpets can be back in use very quickly

Perfect cleaning method to use to ensure no
damage to the computer, telephone and
other cabling found in offices, often concealed within suspended flooring,
which might be prone to over wetting using other techniques.


May not be entirely suitable for situation where
there is very heavy soiling where deep restorative cleaning is required



Hot Water
Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction is also known as steam cleaning. This
method involves injecting hot water and detergent into the carpet fibers,
followed by vacuuming out the soil, debris, water,
as well as the detergent through the powerful
suction system.


This method is highly recommended by carpet
manufacturers and industry cleaning experts and professionals

Its ability to clean up to 95% is what makes it
stand out than other carpet cleaning techniques.

Gets out soiling from deep down on the carpet.



Over-wetting could damage carpet if the person is not trained well

 If carpet is left moist it can lead to mold

Dry Duration about 12 to 24 hours

water extraction or steam cleaning is certainly not an eco-friendly process.

equipment used for wet carpet cleaning is costly, heavy, noisy, high maintenance,
large, complicated to use, burns a lot of fuel and puts out toxic exhaust






When is it optimal to use these

recommend carpets be cleaned every six months to one year to eliminate
unsanitary dust mites, pollen, and other allergens living in your carpet.


What’s the
best carpet care technique?   Hot water extraction!  


 Here are the top reasons why…….

Prolongs the life of carpeting

Removes spots and stains

Protects indoor air quality

Removes dust mites and bedbugs

Prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria

Maintains the carpet’s warranty

Enhances the appearance of any room

Improves worker morale in business locations

Makes carpeting look and feel clean and fresh

Makes carpets easier to maintain


It’s considered one of the most effective way to thoroughly
clean your carpets because you want to be certain that your carpets are getting
truly clean, hot water extraction is the carpet cleaning method you should
choose.  Experts within the cleaning
industry recognize this as the best method for cleaning carpets.  In fact, some carpet manufacturers view hot
water extraction as the only method that can truly be considered clean. 
Hot water extraction provides a thorough, deeper clean. The advantage of
hot water extraction is that as very little or no chemical is used, it doesn’t
leave any residue. This makes it safe for everyone, especially for those who
are allergic to detergents and other chemicals.