Mahesh he became associated with “The Beatles” a

Mahesh Prasad Varma was bond on the 12th day of January in
the year of 1918. Although it’s not clear if this date is real; some documents
mentions his year of birth 1911 or 1912. He was born in Kayastha Family in the
Madhya Pradesh region. Little is known about his early life. His family’s
hereditary profession was writing.

Later on, he was famed as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Transcendental Movement is founded and introduced to the West by him. He was a
spiritual leader of the Worldwide Organisation. His fame rose when he became
associated with “The Beatles” a British Rock Band. This led to a significant
following of his principles worldwide. He claimed many things, including the
ability to levitate and create World Peace. He later on in the year of 1992
moved to the Netherlands, where he stayed until his last breath. He was also
the founder of “Global Country for World Peace”; a not for profit organisation
which was focused on creating harmony and peace among different countries and

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claimed that he taught the technique of
Transcendental Meditation to more than forty thousand people that have
indirectly influenced more than five million. He also founded countless
training centers, universities, colleges and schools all around the world with
a very wide presence in India, The United States, The United Kingdom and
Switzerland. Several of his organisations helped in creating various Charitable
and “For Profit” businesses in the field of organic farming, health, etc.;
mostly owned by his family. According to various sources, his organisation’s
assets are worth billions and millions of dollars.

Childhood and Early Life:

Mahesh Yogi was born on 12th January, 1918 in the Central Province
of British India. He was born in Kayastha
Family. Writing was the traditional profession of his family.

Information about his childhood’s early days
isn’t available or known.

on he studied at Allahabad University and attained a degree in Physics in the
year of 1942.

are few sources that state that he also worked at Gun Carriage Factory in the
city of Jabalpur. But that’s not confirmed.

solid information that is available is that he worked as an administrative
secretary to the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati and
took a new name “Bal Brahmachari Mahesh”.

was given this name because he was acknowledged as a fully dedicated student
and he had spiritual knowledge. He was Swami Brahmananda Saraswati’s “favourite
pupil” and he took care of many things in the Ashram. He also appeared in
public to give speeches on Vedas.

Mahesh Yogi (then Bal Brahmachari Mahesh) continued to stay with Swami Brahmananda Saraswati until his death in 1953.

in the year 1955, he left Uttarkashi to spread his knowledge about what he
called Transcendental Meditation which he learned from his Guru Dev
“Brahmananda Saraswati”. He spent two years teaching Indian people (mostly
belonging to Hinduism) the technique of Transcendental Meditation. It was
during these years he was given the title “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” which he
retained until his death.


Mahesh Yogi began his world tours in 1958. It was in Madras when he was giving a
speech to Guru Dev’s followers; that he spontaneously announced that he would
be spreading his knowledge of Transcendental Meditation to the world. And in
1959, he began his first world tour by having one thought in mind: I know one
thing that is useful for every human being.

earlier referred Transcendental Meditation as Spiritual Regeneration Movement.
His first tour was in Rangoon, Myanmar. And later on it extended on countries
like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Hawaii. Many newspapers published articles
about him, stating that he doesn’t work for money and will only work for the
welfare of the society by removing the unhappiness.

also met the popular boys Rock Band “The Beatles” and inspired their music. But
it was also criticised as they called the meeting and a staying with Maharishi
as “public mistake”. The song “Sexy Sadie” was the result of their encounter.
Later on, Beatles renewed their friendship when McCartney took his daughter, Stella, to visit the Maharishi
in the Netherlands in 2007.

In 1968, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi developed a new
headquarters at Seelisberg, Switzerland. He began teaching his technique of
Transcendental Meditation at this new place and stopped other public

He also gave his Vedanta philosophy called
Science of Creative Intelligence to many students from USA and Canada.

In the October of 1975, Times Magazine’s cover
was Maharishi

was concerned about his health, so he secluded himself in silence and rarely
met anyone in public. His last declarations say “It has been my pleasure at the feet of Guru Dev (Brahmananda Saraswati), to
take the light of Guru Dev and pass it on in my environment. Now today, I am
closing my designed duty to Guru Dev. And I can only say, ‘Live long the world
in peace, happiness, prosperity, and freedom from suffering.'”

Major Works:

The Maharishi wrote more than twenty books on
the Transcendental Meditation technique and Maharishi Vedic Science.

The Beacon Light of the Himalayas

Science of Being and
Art of Living

Bhagavad-Gita: A New Translation
and Commentary: 1967


Personal Life and Legacy:

Maharishi’s legacy is protected by his brother
and number of nephews.

His disciple includes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who
later on, founded “The Art of Living Foundation.”

Maharishi left the ancient tradition of deep mediation;
he made this ancient practice popular in the West. His unique and enduring
contribution to humankind was his deep understanding of – and mechanics of
experiencing – pure consciousness.

 A memorial building, the Maharishi
Smarak, was inaugurated at Allahabad in February 2013.