Lengthening the
school year by all means is an appealing recommendation as expanding the
academic timetable sending an impressive message. Through this change, students
will be able to spend more time in the classroom with their peers and teachers.

During this time, students will be able to acquire more of the necessary skills
required to effectively overcome societies ever-changing challenges.  Students of low-income homes will also be able
to obtain the necessary re-teaching or hands-on learning required without
having to pay for extra lessons.

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Furthermore, parents
of students needing social and mental assistant will be able to obtain this
service on a yearly, day-to-day basis without having to overspend or seek
additional support. Students will also be able to work and increase their
social skills through contact interaction with his or her peers. Students will
also be able to visit and explore new places through school summer based field
trips. Apart from students benefiting from this extension, teachers will also
be benefitted. This amendment will provide teachers with an effective reason
for asking or demanding for an increase in salary.

Although, lengthen
the school year may first appear to be a difficult and challenging proposition.

Once implemented, students and teachers alike will flourish with extended