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Lena Goble Mrs. Robinson8th Grade Language Arts Period 2 23 January 2018 Cosmetology Introduction Cosmetology is an important part of our growing society. The practice of cosmetology dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Many women go to the salon everyday to get their hair dyed, nails shaped or painted, facials, eyebrows shaped, and many more things. All though not all practices of makeup are for beauty for example in some horror movies makeup is used to make a person look gruesome. Cosmetology is used in different ways but one thing that is for sure is there is a growing need for cosmetologist.   History of CareerThe ancient people of Egypt, Samaria, Israel, and babylon practiced cosmetology. Some archaeologist have found remains of some cosmetic containers left behind by the ancient people. They would use a substance called khol under their eyes to help them see since the sun was always so bright. Kohl was made of grounded up galena and any type of lead they could find or they would use stibnite, stibnite is a sulphide. Some of the ancient people would wear wigs made from their hair they would dye the wigs black or different hues of blue, red, and green. They would use different types of scented oils on the wig to try to keep it clean and smelling good.  Interesting People A makeup line that was created that we still use today is Maybelline. A 19 year old entrepreneur named T.L Williams created the makeup line Maybelline. One of the first products that he made was mascara. William Henry a english chemist accidentally made the first hair dye. He accidentally made the first hair dye by trying to find a cure for malaria. The mixture is used as the base of most hair dyes used today.Responsibilities and Working Condition There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a cosmetologist. Some of the responsibilities are santazing hair tools, keeping work stations clean, and scheduling appointments. Cosmetology jobs are growing at a steady pace. One downfall to being a cosmetologist that some people may not like is standing all the time to cut, dye, and wash hair. Vacation days will accumulate depending on the hours worked.Degree or Training Training for cosmetology can be done at 4-county. There are different classes to choose from after 4-county different beauty schools can be attended. There are a variety of beauty schools to attend also. If a beauty school is attended an associates degree can be obtained. A associates degree is obtained through 2 years of schooling. A good beauty school to attend is one that teaches a little bit of accounting and sales techniques because those are skills that are needed to own a self run business. If being a cosmetologist is the career of interest apprentice someone to see if this career is really the avenue for a future job.High School Preparation For the career of cosmetology there is not really any classes to take in highschool to help. Art could help a little with cosmetology, art could help by teaching what colors mix with each other and drawing in art class could help with having more of a study hand having a study hand is crucial with cutting people’s hair. A few skills that are needed to be a cosmetologist are being an active listener an active listener means that listening to detail and wishes of what the client says that is considered giving them full attention and will make a good cosmetologist. Another skill needed,  is to make sure the client is happy with the service that was provided. If no clients are waiting for an appointment make use of the time to see if there is cleaning to be done or if co-workers need any help and that creates a good team. Wages The average hourly wage for a cosmetologist is $11 per hour and the average salary is $21,910. The top hourly pay for a cosmetologist in Ohio is $20 per hour and the top yearly salary is $ 41,450. Cosmetologist positions are growing in large numbers. One of the most popular employers for cosmetologist is great clips. Careers for cosmetologist have a very bright outcome.Growth Rate There are currently 821, 900 people employed as cosmetologist in the United States. In the United States 31.1% of cosmetologist are underpaid. “Cosmetology is suppose to grow over 10% from 2016 to 2026.” The need for barbers is low but the need for hairdressers is growing.