Leadership and every member of group and realization

Leadership is the process of influencing the
behavior of people towards achievement of organizational goals. A Leader plays
a key role in the success of the organization, but what plays an important
factor are the qualities that a leader possesses. The types of qualities that a
leader has determines the success of the organization. In the following essay,
personal qualities that a leader should have in order be successful is


An individual cannot become a leader if he/she
does not have the potential or right qualities. A leader can also be sometimes
confused with manager but there is fine line between the two. A manager focuses
on influencing the behavior of employees to achieve goals of the organizations
whereas leaders focus to satisfy behavior of each and every member of group and
realization of group goals. A manager can be a leader as he has to influence
behavior of his subordinates but a leader is not always a manager. From this it
could be concluded that all managers are leaders but all leaders are not

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A person is determined a successful leader on
how he controls a crisis or an emergency in an organization. (grant k). When a
business is functioning smoothly, a leader can afford to relax but when
situation arises a successful leader must become decisive and should
demonstrate a ruthless ability to focus on the problems. (grint k) for instance
when the share price of a company falls it could be considered as a crisis, it
depends on the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) or members of the boards of the
company on how to tackle the situation.


Not everybody is cut out to be a leader, and it
takes someone with a certain set of qualities to be able to maintain the
position, one good example of such a leader could be Mark Winterkorn, former
CEO of Volkswagen. Winterkorn led Volkswagen to one of the most disastrous scandal
when engineers of the car manufacturing company installed software that
manipulated emissions in about 11 million diesel vehicles. Mark Winterkorn
asserted ignorance of any wrong doing. His believes and ideas were toxic for
the auto-manufacturer.