Lauren in search of. A company whom

Lauren Jenkins

MGMT 2001

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Professor Varlaro

January 21, 2018


Job Title: Building Envelope Project Manager/


1.     Job
Recruitment agency

For this position having
a Job Recruiter evaluate possible candidates with needed requirements helps the
company create a strong workforce. Potential applicants can be contacted by
these recruiters, and then with further steps can be directed to several
employment opportunities that seem fit.


The use of the web has
become very substantial when it comes to jobhunting. Many people search for
employment in their area through websites, and one that is very popular and
effective is Indeed. The functions on the webpage allows a person to filter the
exact field, and even specific job one is in search of. A company whom posts a
job in which they need a new employee can list the requirements the applicant
must have to pursue. This is where a full description of the job can be found
as well. If one is interested they can then complete and submit an application
right through the website. Viewers of the job posting can also review the
company as a whole, whether it’s included in a description or a link to their
own official website is available.


·       When
the results of the two recruitment methods are in, a company can then move
forward with pursuing whom is the best candidate. The Job Recruiters will
contact to relay the top potential contenders for the job. And as for Indeed,
someone within the Human Resource department will then oversee the online
applications and evaluate to find the best candidate.

·       After
the top contenders have been chosen, then the interviewing process can begin.
One in onsite interview will be held for each candidate individually.


Interview questions for potential Building Envelope Project Manager/ Superintendent

1.     What
experience do you have in this industry?

2.     What
were some of your responsibilities in those experiences?

3.     Do
you prefer being out in the field (jobsite), or in the office?

4.     In
your experience is always following the guidelines for the code of conduct
important? Why, or why not?

5.     How
would you handle or resolve a situation with tricky/demanding clients?

6.      What is your favorite part of the industry?
Least Favorite?

7.     What
are your strongest points that help you excel in this? What aren’t?

























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