KEY atmosphere. · These are two of the


1.       The term “global climate change” usually refers to changes to the earth’s climate brought about by a wide array of human activities.

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·         This shows that global warming is solely a result of human enterprises.


2.       burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas – are altering the earth’s climate

·         when these fossil fuels are burnt they emit greenhouse gases which is the main source of global warming.


3.       The greenhouse effect allows energy from the sun to pass through the earth’s atmosphere and then traps some of that energy in the form of heat.

·         carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane in the atmosphere allows  sunlight to pass through but traps heat radiated from the earth’s surface


4.        The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal is the primary source of these air emissions

·         When coal is burnt the carbon dioxide trapped inside in for millions of years get released into the atmosphere.


5.       Some methods of electricity production produce no or few CO2 emissions – solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and nuclear systems particularly.

·         These are some examples of energy sources that are renewable and emission free.


6.        Reducing fossil fuel use is really important, but also really difficult

·         This shows that reducing of use of those fossil fuels is really difficult because it is the main power source for everyday use and industrialization


7.       Fixing problems related to climate change will likely require a wide range of solutions. 

·         This shows that this problem cannot be tackled in just on way but it requires many different ways.

8.       These ideas all aim to increase reflectivity through methods such as large mirrors in space or injecting reflective aerosols into the upper atmosphere.

·         These are two of the solution can contribute towards reducing and reversing global warming


9.       The record-breaking temperatures of the past few years are getting more people thinking about bigger solutions to climate change.

·         This shows that global warming has increased with a rapid rate over the last few years.


10.    The mirrors would barely be visible from Earth and would block just 1 percent to 2 percent of the sun’s light, but that would be enough, advocates of the schemes say, to cool the planet. 

·         Mirrors launched into the space can be of great use because they can block about 1 to 2 percent of sunlight.

11.   Star’s experts calculated that a network of steerable space mirrors orbiting Earth’s equator, like one of the rings of Saturn, could lower the average air temperature by up to 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) while simultaneously generating power from onboard solar panels and beaming it to Earth

·         This shows that mirrors launched into the space can be of great use as not they will they help cool down the planet but will also provide energy as solar energy.


12.   Last month, measurements of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million. Monthly values will very likely not fall below this level for the rest of our lifetimes, and beyond.

·         This shows the increase it carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and the time it will take to decrease it is very long.


















































Problem: Global warming.

Solution: Use electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles

Solution: power homes with renewable energy

Solution: reflecting sunlight


Global warming, a major problem that must be tackled to assure the safety of the future of the world. As revolution and industrialization over the recent years have developed rapidly, the level of harmful of emissions of greenhouse gases has also increased. These human enterprises solely rely on burning coal, oil and natural gases to operate, are changing the temperature of our planet. It is critical to cut the use of these fossil fuels and reconstruct our ways of industrialization. In order to combat the rise in the temperature of the planet, we can practice the use of more electric vehicles instead of fuel powered vehicles, power homes with more renewable energy sources and introduce more techniques and equipment to reflect sunlight back into space.


First of all, as using vehicles is an essential for everyday use and more and more vehicles being added to the roads every day, it is important to find an alternative way to fuel consuming vehicles as they are one of the biggest sources of global warming. Over the recent years, with the vast improvement and innovation in technology, electric vehicles have become more common. But still, over 99% of the vehicles today are fuel powered. It is very important to make use of electric vehicles more common as they wedge a huge portion when it comes to fighting global warming as they produce zero emission. furthermore,  Another factor why converging to battery technology is a good idea is that it is comparatively more economical to run and gives added mileage compared to the fuel consuming vehicles; this is recently achieved through the advancement in lithium-ion batteries.


Secondly, powering homes with renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro or solar power is important as these are emission-free sources. In addition, There are also many suppliers in the retail market that allows us to select power sources that produce less carbon dioxide and methane when they generate electricity. when it comes to the emission of carbon dioxide, Burning coals to produce electricity is one of the main source leading to global warming. In the United States, electricity production is the largest source of CO2 emission. This is because the electricity generated is produced through the combustion of coal which releases the carbon dioxide trapped in the coals for millions of years into the atmosphere. Burning coals to produce electricity is far worse and a greater threat compared burning of oil and natural gasses for example, in cars and generators. 


A third solution that can help immensely help reduce and reserve the effect of global warming is finding ways to reflect sunlight back into space. Although this idea is in its development stage, it can be one of the greatest solutions when it comes to tackling global warming. solar engineers also are known as Solar radiation management, they focus on techniques to decrease the amount of sunlight to get absorbed by the surface of the planet to help cool it down. This can be done by putting a huge mirror in the space. Lowell wood of Lawrence Livermore national laboratory proposed in early 2000s proposed that a mirror with an area of over six hundred thousand square miles could be launched into the space composing of many small mirrors which can potentially block up to two percent of sunlight, another research in 2002 by consulting firm Star Technology and Research proposed that these mirrors orbiting around the earth equator can decrease the average air temperature by up to three degrees. Another solution to reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere can be to release aerosol into the air which reflects sunlight .furthermore, Aerosol emitting can be expected to reflect almost one percent of sunlight back into the atmosphere.

To conclude, with the knowledge of engineering, global warming can be reduced and reversed by Using electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles, powering homes with renewable energy and reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. As a result ,This assures a better future for our world as with reducing and reversing global warming not only decreases the global temperature but also restores natural order and decreases the horrors that come with it which include unusual weather patterns, increasing sea level , earthquakes etc. There is no doubt that engineers play a significant and vital role in tackling this problem to assure a better future for our world.

Engineering the Earth to Fight Climate Change