Katelynn by starting this school they can

Katelynn Wulff


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            A British film company called Working Title wants to
start a school that is for 16 – 19-year old’s to teach film production such as
“scriptwriting to hair and makeup, as
well as lighting and post-production.”. The school is set to be
opened in 2019. The Working Title Film company is trying to get a more diverse
role in the film industry. They want kids that have many different backgrounds
to be able to study film production because Britain film industry is “under growing pressure about a lack of diversity” (Ruddick).The
British film industry has been regularly criticized because they don’t have a
diverse set of people like “woman, minority ethnic groups and disabled people”
(Ruddick).  Working
Title is hoping that by starting this school they can achieve that goal. Just
like in any industry this is an issue that must be stopped. We have come so far
with the movie industry and now the people of color are taking major roles.
It’s crazy to see how far the film industry has come on working to improve
their diversity. It’s nice to see the Film industry in Britain listen to the
people’s concerns. That’s why I’m hoping that The Working Title School works
out and that the industry in Britain become more diverse.







Katelynn Wulff

Nollywood and Hollywood

            I think it’s always good when two
film industry’s partner together for whatever reason. The Nigerian film
industry wants to partner with Hollywood for their first film summit. Nollywood
came late in the film industry but they have been trying to catch up. Nigeria
has only “30 modern cinemas now scattered across the country” but are
continuously trying to grow and I thing by doing the summit with Hollywood will
give them that chance. But they are still breaking records like with their
movie The Wedding Party being one of
their highest grossing films. Nollywood is known for its low budget movie
making and going straight-to-DVD. I think it would be a great thing is
Nollywood and Hollywood teamed up because Nigeria’s film industry is still
growing which means that they can go no where but up because they are basically
just starting up. By teaming up it will also help Nigeria’s economy because if
more people in the United States see their movies and buy them it’s more money
for them. It would also be nice to see the entertainment and creative that
Nigeria has and maybe it would spark some inspiration somewhere else.  Hopefully, this partnership will happen so
Nollywood can grow and Hollywood can too.