Joseph the street outside of Union Station

Joseph Lo GrecoMr. AtleticoHRE 1O1                    1 December 2017HELPING HAND1a) There was a homeless man sitting on the corner of the street outside of Union Station one cold winter night begging for money for food.  People would just run out of Union Station without even looking at him ignoring his plea for help.  However, there was this middle aged man who was wearing a scarf, hat and gloves and was carrying a bag of takeout dinner. He was on his way home.  As he rushed to catch the train the weather got progressively worse.  He noticed the homeless man curling himself up into a ball, begging for money.  He noticed that people were just walking by this man.  As he approached the homeless man he heard him say “spare some change for some food, God bless you.”  The man stopped in front of him bent down gave him his glove, scarf, hat and his bag of takeout food.PRIDEFUL MAN1b) A police officer pulls over 2 speeding vehicles. He approaches the first vehicle which was an Aston Martin.   He asks the driver for his license and registration and advises him that he was speeding.  The driver says “do you know who I am?  I am Kanye West and I am late for my concert tonight. I am sure you can let this slide.  Here is $100 for you.”  The police officer ends up giving Kanye West a speeding ticket. The other vehicle he pulled over was a Honda.  He asks the driver for his license and registration and advises that he was speeding.  The man co-operates and apologizes to the officer advising him that he was rushing to pick up his kids from school and he would never speed again.  He also said he was sorry for breaking the law.  The police officer let the man go this time with a warning.     HOMELESS GOOD SAMARITAN PLANS TO SHARE DONATION WINDFALL2) Kate McClure was driving and runs out of gas one late night on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia.  She starts to walk to a gas station and runs into a man named Bobbitt who was living under a bridge.  He tells her to go back to her car and lock the door.  He used his last $20 to buy her gas and does not ask for anything in return.  Over the next few months she gives him a jacket and gloves, etc.  She would also give him a few dollars each time she saw him.  She wanted to do more for him so she and her boyfriend started a GoFundMe page anting to raise $10,000 but ended up raising over $376,000 for Bobbitt.  Bobbitt did not want to use all of the money on himself.  He wanted to help others with this money.  He said that is how he got the money to start off with, from other people, so he had to return the favour.  He figured that this money was given to him to help him so he now wanted to help others in similar situations.CNN – by,  Susannah Cullinan, Dave Alsup and Darran Simon This story can be a reflection of one of Jesus’ parables,  The Good Samaritan as it shows two people helping out others who are in need.  The homeless man helps the lady in need of gas with his last $20 and then in turn, she helps the homeless man with clothes and money. What is more a reflection of Jesus’ parables is the fact that people were initially helping this homeless man by giving him money then at the end he helps out others.  It showed that when he ended up with money he wanted to pay it forward and not be selfish. He remembered where he was before, living under a bridge, begging for money and how people would give money in order to survive.  He is a prime example of  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.   (10 hours of peaceful music)