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Jagmohan Garg, The Ace Realtor, Clarifies What Is Property Tax

One thing that bothers almost every homeowner is recurring property tax and what is more dreadful is that this tax amount fluctuates. However, MD of Mera Baba Group, Jagmohan Garg thinks otherwise. He believes once you have understood and assessed every vertical of the tax it is not that big of an issue, and the tax seems to be a less demanding thing.

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 “The owners of residential properties are subject to pay property tax to their separate city bodies each year, in light of the region/settlement in which the property is found. In light of the estimations of properties in different territories, enormous urban areas like Delhi are separated into eight classes from A to H. The rate of property tax and the unit zone esteem (doled out esteem per sq meter of the property) contrast for all the eight classes,” clarified Jagmohan Garg. 

On being gotten some information about how property tax is figured for a residential property in Delhi, Mr. Garg illustrated, “The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) utilizes the ‘Unit Area System’ to compute property tax. As per this framework, the measure of property tax is dictated by increasing the yearly estimation of the property with the rate of tax.”

Jagmohan Garg included, “The MCD additionally offers refunds on some property tax installments, which are liable to satisfaction of specific conditions. A taxpayer is qualified to get a refund of 15 percent on add up to tax sum if the property tax is paid as a singular amount in a solitary portion amid the primary quarter of the year.”

Taxpayers owning DDA and CGHS pads up to 100 sq meters additionally get a refund adding up to 10 percent of the yearly esteem. In a comparative design, a refund of 30 percent is given to senior natives, ladies and the physically tested, just on one property.

In the wake of clarifying the figuring and refund qualification for property tax in Delhi, Jagmohan Garg proceeded onward to clarifying the different installment modes through which property tax could be paid in Delhi. “Online installments are the most advantageous approach to pay property tax. The entryway for online installment is accessible on MCD’s site, where installments can be made utilizing web saving money, charge or Visa,” he said.

In an offer to energize more online property tax installments, MCD has made critical ventures since a year ago to make its site easy to use, more proficient and mechanically progressed. A fine of 1 percent for every month is demanded upon the unpaid sum if there should arise an occurrence of deferred installment of property tax.

“In the wake of influencing property to tax installment on the web, one must guarantee that the framework refreshes his record and no exceptional sums are appeared against his record. On the off chance that there are any mistakes, make a point to get them revised at the earliest opportunity,” proposed Jagmohan Garg.