It to. He walk to a cliff and

It was a cold long lasting morning, in
Oregon 1973.

An old man had just waked up out of
his bed, hard as a rock; he stood up with his hunchback cricked as a spoon. He
went to the forest to get some wood for his fire place but he found himself
lost as a needle inside the deepest corner of a pile of hay. He kept on walking
not knowing where to go but his spirit was high as the cotton clouds in the
blue sky. After walking for hours he saw a really old tree and decided to take
a look, walking in circles around the tree as a dog chasing his tail. He found
a book buried next to the giant old tree he picked up and looked around side to
side maybe hoping to find the owner of it, but nothing was there to see but dead

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He opened the book slowly, most of
the pages were blank but the last page had something on it -” write your name
on a rock, to find out the truth of this plot, throw it in the ocean to see the
truth about all this commotion, the voice of an angel you may hear but its good
not to fear”. Later on he did as he was told to. He walk to a cliff and threw
the rock to the ocean as the rock got dragged to the darkness, an eye of a storm
started forming and targeted the old man. 
Scared as a cat, he hid under the old tree but the storm shocked the
tree to dust, branches everywhere and fire bursting the lawn to smoke.

After all that commotion a white
dressed beautiful women heading  towards
him like a rose petal falling down to the sky with blue eyes and blond hair
shining bright as thousand stars in the gorgeous sky. She finally landed to the
ground and spoke to the old man. “Your dirty old heart has a stain, filled with
regret and pain. But do not be concern, because when there’s a will there is a
way. Four wishes I might grant, for you not to fall and still stand”. The old
man didn’t question her he wished for youth and money. “The two wishes you
might get but be careful with what you get”. 
The woman turned into dust in the blink of an eye and the man so exited
went to his house but seconds later he had realized he was lost, weeks went by
and later on he died do to starvation. Slowly falling apart, his skin was
peeling off, eyes were popping out, blood everywhere coming out of his nose and
mouth. Vultures tearing him apart land maggots eating him from head to toes.he
turned into nothing but bones. “What you want is not always what you need”.