Today and senseless leaders are determined to show

Today work is a matter of pressing buttons and controlling the whole process from air- conditioned rooms. Through the medium of internet and computer we can exchange mail, chat with people, place orders, visit banks, see the latest movies, watch live matches, read newspapers, advertise our products and collect any information that we want in matter of seconds.

Science has brought tremendous improvements in information, education, defence, space exploration, medical science, industries, agriculture, food production, etc. Green revolution, White revolution, IT boom, Cyber revolution, etc. are changing the lifestyles of even ordinary men and women of the world. Science has also changed the very face of our travel and communication.

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Today distance is no longer an issue. Travel has become faster, comfortable and luxurious. Television and Internet has made our world a small place. Events taking place thousands of miles away can be watched with comfort and ease sitting in our living rooms.

Despite the benevolent services provided by science, it has also brought in a great deal of human misery, economic hardships, environmental decadence and placed us on the top of self-exploding dynamite. The development of weapons of mass destruction such as, atom bombs, chemical weapons, nuclear missiles, nerve gas, etc. have placed the entire civilization on the threshold of possible extinction.

Nuclear catastrophes and accidents like the one which happened at Chernobyl in Russia, a few years ago or the Gas tragedy at Bhopal or the after-effects of the atom-bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are nothing compared to what could happen if some rogue states and senseless leaders are determined to show their military might with their nuclear Potential.

The environmental pollution and global warming, the inevitable consequences of the extensive application of modern science in day-to-day life are ruining man’s chances of survival. Today the water that we drink, the air that we breathe in and the food that we consume are all polluted mainly due to use of modern scientific gadgets.

The increase of carbon dioxide in the air as result of environmental pollution is increasing the incidence of diseases and incurable ailments. Certain other products of science, like immoral films and electronic phonography are ruining our youths.

The development of destructive drugs and alcoholic drinks, which affects people’s health and mental peace badly are created by science as well. The use of machines and computers has brought in unemployment, while urbanisation and industrialisation are causing untold misery to our lives.

Science has made man dependent on machines and this is destroying his innate qualities of heart and mind. As a result spiritualism, philosophy and culture are on the wane while materialism and broken social and family life are on the rise.

Thus, science can change us for the better or lead us to decadence. Science is like dynamite which can be used for breaking mountains of human obstacles or the same can be used to put an end to human lives. It all depends how we use science and its great potential. On the whole it must be said that blessings of science has overpowered the curse of science.