IntroductionDon’t don’t want to be in that place.A

IntroductionDon’t be a one-minute call man! You don’t want to be in that place.A normal satisfying sex should last between 8-15 minutes excluding the foreplay. Most men finish within 2 minutes and there are a lot of reasons why.I shared some of these in the free ebook “4 ways to last longer in Bed”. It ranges from psychological, to physical causes. But the good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to change that.From changing your behaviors, to changing your diet and making good lifestyle choices, you can start lasting longer than you have in bed. In that free ebook, i showed you how you can do this.In this book, I will give you advanced tips on how to not just last longer but also to make sure that your woman get an organism. This way, the sex will be thoroughly satisfying to both of you and you can be sure that she will keep coming back to you again and again. Why you should satisfy her?Yes, why bother giving your woman an organism. You see it’s easier for men to climax when they are in action. But for when, it takes time. Their body has to get into the rhythm slowly. It’s like slowly climbing a mountain.So if you leave at the base of the mountain and rush up to the top, you are not a gentleman in every sense of that word. You have to make sure that she goes up with you and gets maximum satisfaction. That way, both of you can explode at the top at the same time and come back to earth.Yes na.It’s sweeter that way. Try it and you will see the oman worship. You don’t need to preach much to prove your love for her. I mean, apart from buying her things, taking her out, when you consciously make sure she is pleased in bed, she KNOWS that you love her.Ok, let see the techniques that will send her to cloud nine everytime. Don’t do all at once, vary it. You can do one this week, another one next week. The techniquesSex Position TechniqueHere you will learn about the best sex positions that will make you last long in bed. There are many positions that you can adopt when you are in the sack with your woman. The most popular one is the missionary, you know, man on top of woman, straight. This method is as old as man and it is still good. But if you want to last longer, you have to change to a position that will decrease the sensitivity to your penis so that you will not be aroused quickly. This way, you can keep pounding her until you are sure she is ok and then you can …eh finish.Two of the best positions for this are the doggy style and the spooning. Doggy style Spooning styleThe Frequency TechniqueThis is another technique you can use to make sure that your juice don’t flow out immediately you enter her v-area. When you move in, don’t start pounding fast, take it slow. Also control your breathing, take is easy. Don’t pant as if you are a woman in labour. No, take a deep breath in and breathe out through your mouth slowly. Do this before you start. This will calm your nerves and you can take easy breathing.Now some people go fast-slow-fast while others prefer slow-fast-faster. Both of these are good and try them and see which one works best for you. Let me explain each one.With the first one, you start a little bit fast then slow down, bring out your penis a little and take it slow and steady, then after a while, increase the tempo. Repeat two or three times before you complete the job. This keeps you longer in the action. The second one is the one I like most, just start slow, very slow, then gently increases the tempo. Continue and keep going fast, in increasing tempo. Keep going fast and by the time, you are in fast mode, she’ll be begging you to …eh finish.The Foreplay with Skill TechniqueThis has to do with using the erogenous areas of woman and how to touch them to make her beg you to come in. Remember what i told you about foreplay in the free ebook. To do this effectively, you have to know the erogenous area of your woman’s body. These are the places that you touch and she goes bananas, you understand.They are the breast, the arms, the buttocks, armpit, vagina, earlobes. Now you have to understand your lady to know which part of her body tickles her the most. But for most women, the great, especially the nipple gets her on completely. So as soon as you start the show, use your hands creatively well. Touch her in those areas, squeeze, bite her gently, tug at at her breast, etc. You can also use your tongue to do the touching and watch her get wet and wetter. This will help her to climb the mountain faster so that you can meet her midway and you can reach the top together.Oral Sex TechniqueLearn how to give her oral sex, the type that gets her screaming your name. Continuing with the foreplay described above, this technique takes it a bit further. When you master this skill, you can make a woman reach organism without even enering her. Just by using your fingers and/or tongue. Yes, you can use only your tongue or you start with fingers and then complete it with your tongue.This is referred to as oral sex or cumminiugus by some. It simply means that you use tongue and massage the vagina and everything in there. When you are doing this make sure you touch the clitoris, as that is the most sensitive part of the vagina. You should also touch the vulva and other fleshy parts of the vagina.As with the techniques above, take it slow and then increase in intensity. When you start going fast, she will be on fire. She will be screaming your name, begging you to put your rod into her and bang her. You can stop now and get into a tion or your send her to climax and then enter. Either she will have a stroy to tell about you the next day. And it is going to be a very happy story.Aphrodisiac Drink TechniqueThe natural drink you can take before the act. Not alcohol and no side effects. You can buy the ingredients from the market today.All the techniques above work. They will make last longer, give yur girl maximum enjoyment have a great sex experience. But i promised you more and so you’ll get more. In case you are finding it hard to get int the mood get this drink. It increases libido, boosts your sexual strength, gives you stanmina dn the bed will hear. It works for women too, o you can prepaper eough for two people and give her. Take this 10 minutes before action starts and watch the magic. NB: Some of my friends i showed this drink sad it mad them sleep. That is another beefit of this drink. It is a natural afrodiascia and also a natural sleeping agent. So if you are very tired and you take this drink, depending on your body system, it may send you a calm, peacefule sleep. But the good thing is after the sleep, you’ll be in  good mood for action.For other, immediatley they take the drink, theor bpdy starts callingout to their partnet and great bedroom action commences. So here is the great bedroom drink.Ingredients.TigernutsDabino and coconuts .MethodSoak the tigernuts overnight to make it soft.Remeove the seeds from the bdabino.Remove the coconut from the shell and cut into tiny pieces.Now put in a blender and grind with a littlle water.Fridge and after 20  minutes it is ready.Try this completley safe, healthy drink and send me your testionials. ConclusionSex is a breautiful thing. It is created by God for us to enjoy our life with. He mde them man and woman, brought them together and asked them to keep each other companion. Sex is one of the things that keep marriages peaceful and loving. Learning how to please your woman in the bedroom is one of the best life skills every man should learn. There are many positions ypou can adopt. Keep learning and keep surprising hr and she will never complain against you. Infact most causes of nagging in didsatisfaction in the bedroom. So work on yourself. Practise these techniques and soon you’ll be perfect in them.Soon, your lad will be serving you breakfst in bed with a big thank you sir for job done last night :).