Introduction: we experience when we believe that we


is nothing but response to external threat. 
The organism feels that environmental demand exceeds its natural
capacity. Stress is what we experience when we believe that we can’t cope up effectively
with threatening situation. According to Patanjali a person’s original state is
stress-free state.  In this state mind
will be calm and relaxed and unaffected by external events. Actually stress
starts with our attachment and desires for worldly things.  According to Bhagavat Gita, constant thinking
about objects leads to attachment with the objects, attachment leads to lust,
lust leads to anger, anger leads to delusion, delusion leads to loss of memory,
loss of memory leads to loss of intelligence and finally one gets destroyed.

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Understanding Stress:

            When we are in stress our heart rate increases, blood
pressure rises as more blood pumped to our muscles and lungs. We tend to
breathe more rapidly to increase the supply of air. Liver converts glycogen
into glucose to supply quick energy. Pupils dilate to see better. These are the
physical changes that happen when a person is stressed. If we stressed once in
a while it is not a problem as body itself recovers within specific time. If this
stress is a continuous one then body will not get enough time to recover

            Stress can be acute or relative. Actute like real threat
that every person face the threat like earthquake in town, or natural disaster.
Relative stressors are like those which effects in certain portion of
individuals and not all. Like giving presentation in front of big audience
group gives stress only for few people but not for all. The stressor is just event,
it can be physical conditions, physiological, psychological or social
conditions or may be work place related conditions.

            When we are fight or flight mode, our physiological
system goes into high gear interpreting that under threat, triggers the
activation of Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The Hypothalamus , a
small portion of our brain located above the brain stem stimulates the
pituitary, a small gland near the base of our brain. It releases a harmone into
the blood stream called adrenocorticotropic harmone (ACTH). When ACTH travels
in the blood and reaches the adrenal gland, which are located above the kidneys
and triggers secretion of so-called stress harmones. The two main stress
harmones , the glucocorticoids (Cortisol) and catecholamines (adrenaline and
nor adrenaline).  So when ever we are
experiencing stress entire body undergoes a dramatic changes of physiological
changes that prepares our body for life-threatening emergency. It was adaptive
survival potential, way back when nature’s way of keeping us alive. But now a
days we do not face much life threats but still we face lot of stress in our
day to day life affecting our physiological and emotional reactions.