Introduction time projects fail due to lack


In Controlled Environment) describes about the project management techniques
that helps organization to get hike in business, it helps in control management
and minimise the risk involved in project. It is initially developed by CCTA
(Central laptop and telecommunication agency) in UK. Initially UK government
using this technique for IT projects. Afterwards it emerged as useful to
private as well as public sector to use in their project management. Whenever
we tend to develop and project so many elemental queries come in our way like
what we’ve got an inclination to creating a shot to do? Once we’ve got an
inclination start?  What will we need?
Can we’ve got an inclination alone or will need any help? How long it will
take? What will be the cost? All this elemental queries are necessary to know
before starting project. Prince2 is evolved to get rid of all this elemental
queries and to minimize the risk in project. Prince2 consist of several process
includes activity needed on a project from starting the project out to closing
down the project. Before starting any project is necessary to know about that
project at it what is necessary for project and to estimate the cost of project
can be done my business case, business case is the main key technique and
procedure of Prince2. Business case describes about organization,
justification, commitment and basic reasons for the outcomes. In Prince2 many
different type of peoples and business are involved. Some time projects fail
due to lack of co-ordination and miscommunication and may be of unqualified
team members, poor estimation of cost, etc,. to beat all this aspects we’ve got
an Prince2 techniques that can be implanted easily on project and we can get
rid of all this problem. Prince2 has a technique of dominating things that have
a control on the project.Prince2 is method of managing project; it helps in
understand the main role of project but it doesn’t guarantee the success of
project as success f project depends upon many factors like quality of people,
budget, team members, etc., and it also vary from business to business.

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