INTRODUCTION selling the product. Hence the companies


Selling and
distribution plays a very vital role in the organization. Each company has
their own strategy in terms of selling and distribution. Many organizations
still work in a traditional way and many still are conducting on the basis of
their professional staff. But due to lack of professional staff they are facing
lot of problems.

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In today’s
competitive world companies use different strategies to sell their product.
Further also we would discuss about different selling and distribution policies
and also their overview.


Selling is
considered by many as an art. The seller plays the major role in this process.
The power of persuasion is highlighted at this time and it plays a major part
in selling the product. Hence the companies hire different strategies to sell
their product. 

There is no
as such clear definition of selling, because it involves lot of things in it
like direct marketing, promotion, public relations.

includes sales which are the highest act of purchasing activity.


Personal Form:

Under personal selling a
personal contact is established between the buyers and the salesman. In other
words, both the parties face each other.


Development of Relationship:

Personal selling results
in the development of personal relationship between the sales person and the
possible buyer. Such a relationship has an important place in sales.

There is oral conversation
between the sales person and the buyer regarding the features of the product,
i.e., price, colour, shape, design, method of using, etc.


Quick solution of Queries:

The prospective buyer can
make inquiries regarding the product. Salesman answers these queries quickly
and removes any doubts in the mind of the buyer.


 Receipt of Additional Information:

Normally, before
introducing its product, a company is aware of the preferences of the probable
buyers. Nevertheless, during the course of personal selling, when the sales
person is in direct contact with the buyers he/she gathers additional
information regarding their tastes and likings.


 Real Sale:

Under personal selling,
the buyers are not only informed about the product but the goods are actually
sold to them.



There are
four major types of selling roles:

a) Order Getters:

This role is
very important in which the salesperson engage with the customers and with his
skill he tries to get the orders. The main objective is to find new
customers.  Sales jobs in this category
are often in fields that are very competitive, but offer high rewards for those
that are successful. 

b) Order Takers:

The greatest
number of people engaged in selling are not order getters, rather they are
considered order takers.  In this role,
salespeople primarily assist customers with a purchase in ways that are much
less assertive than order getters. 

c) Order Influencers:

salespeople are not engaged in direct selling activities at all.  That is, they do not sell directly to the
person who is the ultimate purchaser for their product.  Instead these salespeople concentrate on
selling activity that targets those who influence purchases made by the final

There are
numerous other selling roles such as electronic sales training, customer
information sharing, electronic sales presentations etc.