INTRODUCTION with the Earth’s systems (air, water,


The environment refers to the surroundings or conditions
in which a person, animal or plant lives and operates. Therefore the
environment is an important aspect of the ecosystem’s perseverance and
survival. However human activities tend to degrade the environment resulting in
the arising of environmental issues. These refer to problems with the Earth’s
systems (air, water, soil) that have developed as a result of human activities
thus misuse of the environment. Environmental issues come about because of lack
of environmental awareness among members of society. Therefore as a way of
promoting environmental awareness, an environmental currents Log is
prepared.  This process opens members of
the society’s eyes to materials available to them about the environment; how it
is misused and how best to care for it.

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To develop an awareness about the amount of
environmental information available in their day to day life.

To be able to use critical thinking to decide
if the information provided is complete, unbiased, and factual.

To understand the harm of human activities on
land and species, and produce valuable changes through corrective action.













Environmental Issue

Location/ Date and source

Analysis of Environmental Issue

Heat wave

daily News;
The central
and northern parts of the country

Heat wave refers to a prolonged period of abnormally
hot weather.
Heat waves affects human health resulting in death.
Sejabosigo (2016) stated that it contributes to the
reduced water supply because most of the water is used to cool bridges and
machineries to avoid heat failure.
The heat wave affected the central to the northern part
of Botswana.
The reporter of the article was raising awareness so
that people can take the necessary precautions and protect themselves from
the heat.

Littering impacts tourism

daily news; 17th December 2017

Littering refers to the process of making a place
untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about.
Littering affects the tourism market because not only does
it degrade the environment but it makes the tourist attraction not look as
attractive anymore explained Rakgati (2017).
Littering leaves tourist fearing for their health loss
of customers therefore the economy will not be boosted.
This matter affects the northern parts of Botswana.
The purpose of the article was to raise awareness on
better care of the environment.

activities increases the spread invasive
species; the Kariba weed.

Daily news; Aug 10 2017

These refer to species that are not native to the
ecosystem under consideration which results in environmental and economic
The kariba weed (Salvinia Molesta) invaded the
Okavango. It was reported in 2010. The weed spread on top of the water
thereby cutting passage for oxygen and sunlight to aquatic life resulting in
them perishing.
Human activities that increase the spread of the kariba
weed include fishing and boat cruises.
This issue covers the Okavango delta and the
Thamalakane River.
To inform people of their bad activities and also to
let the public know about the processes involved in trying to eliminate the
However the article was not clear on how people can
minimize the activities that cause the spread of the weed.


daily news

Pollution refers to
the presence in or launch of substances which have harmful or poisonous
impacts. There is a type of pollution known as water pollution, whereby water
is contaminated and therefore it’s quality becomes low. The water is no
longer useful.
Letsholo (2015)
states that poor sanitation is one of the leading causes of pollution to
water resources.
Mr. Kitso Mokaila
stated that this leads to the depletion of ground water resources.
The solutions to
the problems included implementing sustainable uses of the environment.
There is also need
for all stakeholders to re-strategize more innovative solutions to combat the
The article was
written fairly as it informed the stakeholders on the alarming way in which
water resources are being polluted, moreover how to minimize the adverse
This issue was
affecting the whole of Botswana.


daily News

refers to the act of invading on another’s property to steal game without the
landowner’s consent.
has adverse impacts such as extinction of animal species which is
has led to the wild animals being aggressive to humans.
Mofaladi (2014) stated that human beings do not recognize the importance of
wildlife but instead view it as an infinite resource that is not significant
to them.
 This issue affects the northern parts of
 The article was biased as it did not touch
on repercussions of poaching, and raising awareness on the importance of
wildlife to humans.


daily news

is due to the desert like climate of Botswana.
rainfalls and lack of conservation of water resulting in water shortage. The
problem led to the greater Gaborone area suffering from water cuts. The
problem risen because people lack the knowledge on the climate of this
country as well as ways in which they can conserve the water.
 The greater Gaborone region suffered from
this problem.


daily news

in the air. This is due to the emissions from vehicles, mines and industries.
For instance in Selibe phikwe due to emissions of sulphur dioxide in alarming
amounts resulted in threat to human health9 asthma and TB).
plants have stunted growth because of contaminated soil and acid rain.



1. It is evident that presentation of environmental
issues to stakeholders is adhered to. If members of society could pay more
attention to newspaper articles as well as online news updates, environmental
awareness will surely increase in the near future.


Environmental awareness should be raised
among stakeholders so that they can be able to know how to sustainably handle
the environment and appreciate what it does for them.

Policies and legislature, must be put in
place to ensure adherence to sustainable using the environment.

Reusing of water must be a habit that
develops among stakeholders.



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