Internal in this division. Those instruments and

clearing different banks and different branches of bank likewise clear up the account
by assert the instrument which are drawn by the other bank clients on different
branches of bank. In internal clearing different banks sent instrument to branch
which is drawn on them.

are couple of things required for built-in into internal clearing.

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a.     The
cheques must be cross cheque or must be cross stamp on confronting side of the

b.      There should be clearing stamp on the front
side of the instrument.

c.      The
clearing stamp must have the date of each following working day.

d.     It
should be confirmed before going into PC and after that the cheque is posted
and drafted.

methodology is similar for same day clearing and intercity clearing.

Account Department:

It manage exchange
section, Bank explanations (client data about account), everyday costs, postage
costs, charges, Debit, credit, ledger accounts and got mail from messenger and
passed the passages in enroll for record. This division likewise performs
account check implies when the account opening structure originate from the
client benefit office this specific office confirm that whether this shape is
finished or not. On the off chance total at that point send letter of gratitude
to account holder house if not then return to the client benefit department. It
tallies the aggregate charge and credit in the entire working report of the

Record office
dependable to deal with the accompanying:

            1. Transfer Entries  

           2. Local

Nearby exchange is
the exchange of assets starting with one record then onto the next inside

            Everyday costs incorporate includes:

Office stationary
Repair and upkeep Office hardware Advertising costs Electricity charges
Gardener pay Telephone bills

Postage costs

1.         OSC

2.         TCS

3.         DHL

When all the expenses are occur bank account present
these through expense voucher.


have worked for two weeks In Remittance Department. I deal with distinctive
capacities and diverse instrument in this division.

instruments and capacity are:

1.       Demand Draft (DD)

2.       Pay order (PO)

3.       Online exchange or inward exchange

4.       Call Deposit Receipt (CDR)

5.       Deposit slip

Demand draft (DD):

draft resembles an instrument and is issued on the appeal of customer. Demand
draft has the additional volume of money. It is paying on the request when client
is in need of money. It is issue by one branch of bank and is payed by other
branch of a similar bank.

required for DD

1.     Recipient

2.     Recipient

3.     Bank
or Branch Name and address

4.     Purpose
of settlement

1.     Pay
order (PO) :

order is sort of instrument and it is assets of client. It is utilized for instalment
of confirmation expense, delicate for instalment managing.

there should be event of Post order the issuance bank and paying will same
however branches might be diverse in that city. It streams inside town.

2.     Online

amount is exchange of money from one account to another from the account of the
same bank in the city or outside the city. On the off chance that the sum is exchanged
through cheque then online payment to make is:


obligation Rs.20

up to charges Rs.145

the off chance that the sum is exchanged through Cash then the charges are
unique. On the off chance that the sum is not as much as Rs. 25000 at that


obligation Rs. 24

up to Charges Rs. 174

the event that sum surpass from Rs.25000 then the assessments is likewise
connected because of this aggregate charges additionally charged.

mandatory for DD:

Detail of recipient:

1.     recipient

2.     Bank
or Branch Name and address

3.     Reason
of settlement

Detail of applicant:

1.     Name
of record

2.     Account

3.     CNIC
or Passport Number

4.     Applicant




1.     Call
Deposit Receipt(CDR):

It is liquid instrument which can be liquidated whenever
on the request of client. It is utilized for special purpose. CDR demonstrates
the particular record is available among the client and other party which
bargain is finished. For such situation concern and paying branch is same.

5.       Deposit Slip:

duplicates of deposit slip is required, one for bank utilization and other one
for client utilize. We pack deposit slip if there should be an occurrence of money
deposit out account holder and when the cheques come in the branch.

my last days of temporary job I gathered data identified with my entry level
position. At end Branch head taken my test what I seek learning from this time
period of joining in MCB. Afterward conclude up my evaluation shape and assign
me the temporary job letter.


was I do and I gained from MCB bank constrained. I utilized extraordinary effort
to find out saving money division trusted that exertion force gives me opportunity.
It is incredible circumference for me in the activity advertise. It gave mass
of assurance to bargain the clients. It will make positive effect on my expectations.