India’s a lifetime. However, this arrangement was

India’s 10 rare and shocking customs!India is not only a country, but it is a perfect social system among the oldest life-styles and cultures. This is the country of one of the richest and magical cultures and religions. People of different religions together in this country united together without any special problems.Over time, there have been many rituals and customs in India, which have become an integral part of this diverse social order inadvertently. Some rituals are so strange that outsiders, or foreigners, know them and cannot believe them at all. They seem to ask themselves, no! Do not tell me! I do not believe it !!So look at India’s 10 amazing situations that can confuse an outsider too much !!1. Wedding MarriageArisen Marriage i.e. marriage determined by parents or relatives. However, the Armed Marriage system was ever practiced throughout the world. The movement of Armed Marriages gradually ended in the 18th century from all the world, but in India, it is also in the 21st Century.Two people who were not aware of each other for a few days were tied in bond for a lifetime. However, this arrangement was contrary to the self-governing system adopted in ancient times, in which the boy and girl had the right to choose their own life partner. It is estimated that this system became more popular due to the child marriage system.2. Murder for protection (Honor Killing)Honor killing is the murder of the so-called ‘honor’, one of the most intense acts in India. The happiness and the pleasure of marrying a young woman in India is not everything. Marriage is possible only if the young man should be from a fixed caste, religion, community and social status.Those who disregard these ‘rules’ can be killed as they believe in their relatives. Parents, brothers, and all the other relatives kill their son, daughter-in-law, siblings, etc. who break these rules without any reluctance. This is the most surprising and sad aspect of this social evil.3. Dowry systemIn the old time, on the girl’s marriage, the girl’s parents used to depart with some necessary household items and jewelry, clothes etc. according to their reach, so that there is no problem adjusting them in the new home. Over time, this voluntary decision of parents was transferred to the in-laws’ office and people were forced to pay their respects to the girl with cash, expensive gifts. Before the girl’s in-laws marriage, they started dealing with the gifts of gifts given to the girl’s parents in the farewell i.e. the dowry deal.Even today, girls who do not get ‘proper’ dowry are killed so that the boy can be remarried and brought to the dowry. Boys and girls were considered to be a dowry machine. Thousands of daughters have become victims of this dowry Rupnar demon, but even today this misunderstanding remains. Although dowry practice is illegal in India, even then every day some or any daughter is hunting it.4.Child marriageLegally, the age of marriage is 18 years in India and 21 years of a man. Nevertheless, customs of child marriage in India are particularly prevalent in rural areas. The law was made in 1929 only on child marriage in India. But still many communities demand to remove the ban on child marriage.5. Female FoeticidePeople in India are considered burden of the girl for many reasons. Everyone needs a boy in every situation. For this, they kill him in the womb even before the girl is born. On the contrary, boys are considered to be superior and ‘chirag’ of the family. There is a ban on female feticide in India, but many people illegally kill the girl in the womb.6. Throwing a child from the roofThe ritual throwing child from the roof is very startling. This practice is being observed in many rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka for the past 700 years. In this practice, a 1-2-year-old child is dropped below 50 feet height. The people standing below hold him, people think that doing so gives children blessings from God.7. Prevention of a bad planet to marry animals or treesMost believe in the Indian horoscope and tantra chant According to the horoscope, many people are found to have mangal defects. Mangal defect means that the person’s Mars Saturn may be suffering from low-lying planets. The perception is that one dies after the marriage of a non-demanding boy-girl of the boys and girls suffering from mangal defects. For the purpose of redressing this defect, the victim is tried for liberation by marrying a young man like a dog like a dog, buffalo or some tree-like peepal, jamun etc. This is the rare ritual in itself which can not be seen anywhere else.8. Hair follicleIn India, hair follicles are very popular in which a man cuts all the hair of his head and dedicates it to God. He does this to keep God happy. This practice is very popular among people of Jain religion. Some customs are even more painful in India.9. Self-flagellationThe practice of self-critique is not only in India but also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This practice is celebrated on the day of Muharram. Muharram Day is celebrated in the first month of Islamic calendar. On this day, Hussein Ibn Ali died and 72 warriors who fought with him were killed. This day is celebrated in their memory.10. Cannibalism, black magic and other rituals performed by Aghori BabaThe worshipers of Varanasi, who live in Varanasi worship Lord Shiva. They are known for their Positional rituals. This saint keeps the ashes of the person alive in the last rites of his body. These saints do black magic and also consume the dead body of the dead person.