Increasing but the demand of energy tends to

Increasing of global civilization implies
rapid demand of energy. Energy is used to fulfill the human being daily needs. People
needs energy for lighting, warming, cooking, etc. Recently, main energy resources
used are fossil energy. Fossil energy are formed by previous millions years
plants and animals buried in the some earth layers. The rapid lack of fossil
energy and the rapid increasing of energy demand motivate and push the
invention of new energy resources. Renewable resources are assumed as main solution
to solve this problem. The development of renewable energy based on reasons; rapid
depletion of fossil energy resources, increasing of environmental
safety concerns and rashness  of renewable
energy resources. 2


First, fossil energy resources tend to decreasing,
but the demand of energy tends to increasing. Based on the
forcasting data on fossil energy resource availability, fossil energy stock in
the world is just sufficient until approximately 30 years. World dependence to
the fossil energy is high to generate electricity and supply vehicle fuel. The
more inhabitants the more demands of electricity. The advance of technology
initiates a lot of apliances consuming large amount of energy. Unbalancing in
supply and demand pushes experts to look for new relative energy resources. One
of sollution proposed is renewable energy. Renewable energy resources are  alternative to produce electricity and there are large capacity to fulfil world energy requirement
1. Renewable energy is energy which comes from sunlight, wind, tide,
geothermal heat and tides.

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The other common reason of renewable energy
development is that people begin to realize importance of environmental safety. Exploitation
of fossil energy resources using causes negative invironmental impacs. The
burning of oil and coal produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This gas is
ussually produced by engine vehicle for instance motorcycle, car, bus and
train. The large amounts of Carbon dioxide cause global warming that will lead the ice melting in the pole. The ice
melting initiates big flood in lowland and increasing of sea water. Additional product
of fossil fuel burning is Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) that initiates acid
rain. The acid rain will damage buildings and plants because of its
acidity. Vehicle fume and factory smoke affect to human health from atsma until
respiratory pertubation.


Finally, renewable energy resources are
more available in nature and easy to get them. Renewable energy
is energy which comes from tide, wind, geothermal heat and sunlight. The sunlight
is available in almost of earth surface.. Energy from sunlight could be collected by solar panel and saved in
a number of batteries which could be used and converted to appropriate voltage.
The large amount of wind energy might be caputured along beach. Wind pushes
turbines connected to electrical equipment to produce power. Optimalization of
renewable energy will decrease Carbon burning resulted by the burning of oil,
coal and gas. This decreasing impacts to health environtment which increases
people life quality.


In conclution,
as the research shows, fossil energy resource deposit tends to decrease whereas
world energy demand increase as the growth of inhabitant number. Recently,
people more realizes about negative impacts of fossil energy use than before. They
dream clean environment from air pollution. Renewable energy is an appropiate
solution answering that problem. Renewable energy is available in large
capacity in nature. It also provides clean environment from air pollution.