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In this I be discussing the positives and negatives reasons why some individuals may not be able to access the service they need in the health and social care sector. I will comment on three negative reasons and two positive reasons. The first negative reason is how some individuals may not be able to access care due to their location. Some individuals may not be able to access the care they need due to how far they safe from the nearest service. For the individuals who do not live near the services they may find that the buses or other public transport services in the area do not run at a convenient time to get to an appointment.  A service user may need to have specialist treatment which is many miles away and find it hard get there.  Finding it difficult to travel to the services because of distance is a geographical barrier.  Language is also a barrier to why an individual cannot access the health and social care service they need. If information, such as leaflets, are only in English then the individuals with a different first language will not be able to find out about information to do with the service.  If the information uses too complex language the individual may not understand it, they may become anxious or worried about the service and not want to access it. Someone whose first language is not English wont be able to fully communicate with health and social care workers, which may lead to the service user becoming distressed. To overcome this barrier, the care worker could use and advocate to help them access the care to its full potential.  Another barrier that individuals may not be able to access care that they need is due to the financial situations. The individual that is trying to access a service may be some distance away from the nearest place that offers it. Therefore, they may not be able to afford the transport that it costs to get there. If a service user has to pay for their medical prescriptions they may not be able to afford it, so they do not get the medicine they need.A positive reason for an individual not being able to access a health and social service is due to being on a waiting list. This is positive as being on a waiting list will guarantee that the service user has a slot in to getting the care they need, although they may have to wait. For example, the being on the nhs waiting list to access care will guarantee they will get the care they need just not a certain time period.Another positive reason is repeat prescriptions. Repeat prescriptions are a positive as they mean that the service user does no have to keep travelling to a place of care only when they need more of the same prescription they are on. Prescriptions can instead be delivered to a local hospital or pharmacy so it is easier for a service user to pick up.