In These programs are all set into place

In “The Circle”, by Dave Eggers, we are presented to modern programs created by the tip top individuals in the Circle. These programs are all set into place and expected to advance way better, more secure, and more cutting edge living conditions with the utilize of innovation. Applying various moral thinking approaches, these programs can be looked at in an arrangement of ways to see whether they are genuinely moral or not. The two programs I will be talking about will be See Change and Soul Search to see if they go between being moral or non-moral depending on which moral thinking approach is used.A big program frequently used in The Circle is “SeeChange”. The program SeeChange leads to a cross country uset of little cameras to have live viewer access to numerous areas over the world. When displayed by Bailey Eamon, it appeared in a casual way as he shows utilizing it to check the conditions of the waves at a beach he really likes. Bailey at that point goes into a more deep point of view about SeeChange and talks about the numerous benefits of continuously having everything on display. He uses the idea of police using excessive force on citizens and talks about how this issue would be way better with police knowing they were always being watched . The avocation of SeeChange is that people act more moral when they know they are being observed. As SeeChange quickly develops, cameras start being put in places that are not so public and eventually the cameras are everywhere. I believe that SeeChange cameras are an evasion of privacy and that always being watched is not moral because it violates our human rights. Even though not everyone agrees with the installation of the cameras they still get installed everywhere with no consent. Making the whole deal unfair because people are being watched constantly with no consent. Soul Search was a program that immediately showed that is was not moral. With already cameras everywhere, Soul Search serves the purpose of being able to find anyone super quickly. When showed to the crowd, Soul Search is used to find a murderer. Civilians chase after the woman and soon surround her until she gives up. In the second demonstration, Mae chooses to search for Mercer, as a way to show him what the The Circle is capable of. Everybody goes after Mercer and chases him until it eventually starts a car chase. Mercer accidentally spins off of a bridge and the game ends up ending with Mercer’s death. Soul Search does not serve benefits to all people. With this being said, Soul Search is obviously not moral. Knowing where an individual is at all times and finding this knowledge through Soul Search only helps the person who is using it to find someone. Soul Search also is clearly non-moral when taken into consideration of the human rights. The right to humans is to have freedom, and this goes in hand with our right to be left alone. Soul Search is proven to be non-moral as it disturbs the well-being of humans, seeing that it turned civilians into hunters. Soul Search violates multiple human rights and overall is not a good and moral thing.Overall the programs used in The Circle are mostly non-moral and they infringe on our human rights. Putting technology like this into perspective is a good way to convey multiple messages of what it would be like to have things like this to the media and technology companies over the world.