In come out, and he succeeds. After that,

my opinion, ‘David’ can beat ‘Goliath’ if the underdog finds out what is their
strength and use this strength to beat the stronger.

an example in the World War 1; T. E. Lawrence led the revolt against the
Ottoman Army occupying Arabia near the end of the First World War. The Turks
had a bigger army, in a defensive position and better equip. But when Lawrence
looked at his ragtag band of Bedouin fighters he realized that a direct attack
on Medina would never succeed. Then he tried to attack the supply line and cut
off every information line of the stronghold so nothing could come out, and he succeeds.
After that, with 200 men, he killed or captured more than 1200 Turks, lost only
2 men. The ‘David’ wins the fight with the ‘Goliath’ when they know what the
stronger weakness is and focus on that.

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history war, all the weaker army won against stronger army because they did the
guerrilla tactics, which was fight by ambush, sabotage, hit-and-run to weaken
the stronger in order to win the battle. But if the ‘David’ fights like
“Goliath’ rules, they will lose. In 1809, the Peruvians fought the Spanish
straight up and lost; in 1816, the Georgians fought the Russians straight up
and lost; in 1817, the Pindaris fought the British straight up and lost; in the
Kandyan rebellion of 1817, the Sri Lankans fought the British straight up and
lost; in 1823, the Burmese chose to fight the British straight up and lost. The
list of failures was endless. So the weaker doesn’t need to fight like the stronger’s
rules to win. They can fight with their rules.

fighting with ‘Goliath’, David used a slinger to win. That was unusual because
when two men fought toe to toe, they would fight by sword and face each other.
But David didn’t know that rule and he fought like a shepherd’s way. Take a
look at Redwood City basketball team, the coach knows that his team can beat
other teams straight up because they didn’t have enough training and their
physical is not good, so he created a strategy. Redwood City’s strategy was
built around the two deadlines that all basketball teams must meet in order to
advance the ball. The first is the inbounds pass. When one team scores, a
player from the other team takes the ball out of bounds and has five seconds to
pass it to a teammate on the court. If that deadline is missed, the ball goes
to the other team. The second deadline requires a team to advance the ball
across mid-court, into its opponent’s end, within ten seconds, and if Redwood
City’s opponents met the first deadline the girls would turn their attention to
the second. They would descend on the girl who caught the inbounds pass and
“trap” her. That’s a good strategy and they win a lot of games. So it’s how you
can be flexible to win against the stronger, it is use your advantages and
force the stronger play with your style.