In in August 2011, another attack happened. Egyptian

In 2010 the conflict
between Palestine and Israel did not show any signs of getting settled. That January,
there were two airstrikes carried out by Israeli Air Force. News stated that
the purpose of that attack is actually targeting the weapons tunnels that
Palestine used to smuggle rockets and militants that attempting to fire mortars
into Israeli. That attack had killed 3 militants of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad
Movement in Palestine while other 7 were injured. That attack had caused lots
suffering for the Palestinian.

in September 2010, two direct talks were held in order to try solving the
conflict among Palestine and Israel. The first one was held on September 2 in Washington,
DC. It was launched by U.S to direct the negotiations between Israel and The
Palestinian Authority. As for the second one, the negotiation was held in Sharm,
Egypt on September 14. It was under the Middle East peace talk.

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the negotiation did not seems to bring any positive signs since in 2011 there
was a murder happened. Media had stated that two Palestinians murdered 5
members of the Fogel family which 3 of them were young children. Investigation showed
that those two Palestinians infiltrated the town of Itamar. Soon after that, on
March 23, Hamas had bombed a bus station in Jerusalem. That bomb incident
unfortunately had caused a civilian killed while the other 39 were injured. The
bombing incident still occurred weeks after the last one. Hamas militants bombed
an Israeli school bus. In the bus incident, a teenager was killed.

in August 2011, another attack happened. Egyptian and Palestinian militants
attacked Southern Israel. That attack had brought a result of 8 dead Israelis. It
included 6 civilians. Apart from that, five Egyptian soldiers were also killed.
After the attack, there was no news for another attack in 2011. On the other
hand, in September, the Palestine Authority moved a resolution in UN for
recognition of Palestine Statehood. It was called as ‘Palestine Spring’. Soon in
November, Palestine won the membership of UNESCO while UN vote on statehood was
put off amid since it has no support from France and UK while US had threatened
to veto it.

2012, Israel Security Agency (ISA) concluded that the terrorist attacks had
risen from 320 in 2011 to 578 in 2012. However it was accompanied by decrease
in the number of facilities. About a number of 282 attacks were carried out in
Jerusalem compared to 191 in 2011. Started in January 1, 2012, Gaza fired two
white-phosphorus-containing mortars into the area governed by the Eshkol Regional
Council. Report stated that there were no injuries or damage as the shells
landed in an open field. Regarding the incident, Israel had sent UN a letter of

in March, Gaza militants launched over 300 rockets, missiles and mortars into
Southern Israel. It had caused up to 23 Israeli civilians had wounded. As that occurred,
Israel then took a step to retaliate with air strikes on Gazan weapons storage
facilities and others facilities also. The air strikes had caused up to 22
militants found death. The attacks then again happened in September. It particularly
happened at the Egypt-Israel border.

September 2012 also, there was operation ‘Pillar of Defense’. It started when
the Israeli Force had killed the second-in-command of the military wing of
Hamas which is Ahmed Jabari. The Israeli Force had strikes around 1500 sites in
Gaza. Regarding the attack, Gaza stated that 133 Palestinians had been found
death and around 840 were injured due to the strikes by Israel. On the other
hand, Hamas fired almost 1500 rockets at Southern Israel. It were fired at
Jerusalem for the first time and at Tel Aviv for the first time since the first
Gulf War. On November 21, there was a bombing on a bus in Tel Aviv. Soon after
that, Israel retaliated by bombing hundreds of military sites in the Gaza
Strip. Soon in November 2012, in response to the UN approving the Palestinian
UN bid for non-member observer state status, the Israeli government inner
cabinet announced that it approved the building of housing units. It wil, be a
bridge connecting Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim.

for 2013, we can conclude that the attacks continue to strike in a several
spots. Some of it was in Kalandia, West Bank, Beit Amin, Hebron and Psagot. Then
in 2014, one of the biggest attack was the strike on United Nations school.
Basically, the school was build in order to sheltering around 3300 displaced
people in Gaza violating international law according to the United Nations.
Israel decided to shell the school. Even though the school had been designated
as protected location however, the Israel Defense Forces had been informed
around 17 times of the precise coordinated of the school’s location that had
come up with a result of the attack.