In the semester progressed further and further we


In looking at Janis’s characterization of groupthink, he says
that it is a type of process that deters the members in a group from thinking
the way they feel rational in order to conform to the ideas of the group. Now a
time in which I was in a group that I belonged to that made a decision that was
wrong was back in my freshman year at Quinnipiac University. When I moved in on
my first day my roommate (whom I had just met in person for the first time) was
holding a big black duffle bag for one of the other seven people we were living
with at the time. When I asked my roommate what exactly was in the bag he
stated that he did not know however he knew it was nothing that was exactly
“legal.” I was not too thrilled with it but I had thought after a period of
time these items would become obsolete in the sense these two kids who were
living together would use it all up and that would be the end of that. That was
a very wrong assumption. As the semester progressed further and further we
started to become aware with the fact they had a lot of drug paraphernalia in
their room and that they were actually selling (god knows what) from their room
because people we did not know would come in on a regular basis and leave
almost instantaneously. It was becoming a common trend and when speaking to my
other five suitemates about the situation they had all felt the best thing to
do was to keep whatever they were doing on the down low and not mention it to
everyone. In their minds they would rather allow stuff like this to keep
occurring as long as it did not affect them in any way. However I did not agree
with them on this because if they had either alcohol, or any other drug related
items out in the common room, we are all equally responsible for it and we
could all get charged by the school for having it in our possession. I just
kept thinking to myself that I did not want to be the outcast of the suite because
I did not agree with letting these two kids sell drugs and do what they wanted.

My two major issues with this problem was that I did not want for these kids to
jeopardize my standing at Quinnipiac because they wanted to have “fun” but
everything they did was 100% illegal. In talking to those suitemates now (because
they are some of my best friends from college) they would all agree that the
situation could have been handled differently. This was something that I
personally did not agree with and eventually turned them into public safety because
they were hiding their drugs throughout the common room as well as our storage
closet and had someone such as an RA walk in smell something we could have all
been in serious trouble. This was an issue that Hamden Police as well as
Quinnipiac University got involved with and I was not going to risk my academic
standing and my career because of these kids. Now relating this back to Janis’s
characterization of groupthink, my mind during this ordeal was not in agreement
with the other suitemates however I went with what they wanted because they
obviously outnumbered me (opinion wise) and the best thing to do was go with
the majority of the group at said time. 

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