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In this report key traditional marketing tools that have been used by the The Hampton Garden Apartments will be assessed for their usefulness and effectiveness in the growing of the business. Recommendations will be made to the company to apply new marketing DNA stategries to further its success. The Hampton Gardens Apartments is an apartment complex located in Limbe, Cameroon with eleven apartments. Nine of those apartments have three bedrooms and four apartments have two bedrooms. Each Apartment has air conditioning, and there are two bathrooms in each apartment. The apartments can be fully furnished or unfurnished depending on the needs of the tenants. In a fully furnished apartment  each Sitting Room comes with a carpet, two loveseat sofas and a long couch along with coffee tables, and a 32 inch flat screen TV with cable. The dining room section has a complete dining set with tables and chairs. Every bedroom has a queen size mattress with spacious wardrobes, and a desk with a chair. Every apartment also comes with a fully equipped kitchen with a gas cooker, an oven and a gas supply tank, an electric microwave oven and an electric blending machine. There is also a large refrigerator and a food prep kitchen table. Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and glasses are also provided. In an unfurnished apartment the tenants will just be renting the apartment without furniture and tenants will also be responsible for their respective utility bills, such as TV, gas, and electricity. Laundry services and housekeepers to clean the apartments are available for both furnished and unfurnished apartments. The Hampton Gardens Apartment building is a beautiful building and due to its unique burgundy color it definitely stands out. The building is gated and has 24/7 security, within the gated area there is a beautiful garden, swimming pool, and gazebo where tenants can relax. The Hampton Garden Apartments is in Limbe, Cameroon, Cameroon is a country located in  West/Central Africa with a population of about 22 million people. Limbe is a small beach city located in the South West region of Cameroon. Cameroon’s official languages are french and english, however Limbe is located in the english speaking region of Cameroon and majority of locals speak Cameroonian Pidgin English. However, French is still spoken in Limbe due to it being closely located to Douala, which is Cameroon’s largest city that is located in the french speaking region. Limbe is known for its unique black sand and is a popular stop for tourists and for foreigners doing business. Upon arriving the city visitors will be welcomed with Limbe’s motto which states “A Town of Friendship”. Cameroon is a predominantly Christian country and the city of Limbe is no different with having a majority christian population of Catholics and Presbyterians. Limbe is also the center of Cameroon’s oil industry as well as its tourist and fishing industries, with the Port of Limbe being one of Cameroon’s major sea ports. The only oil refinery company in Limbe is called SONARA and one of the largest companies in Cameroon is called  Cameroon Development Corporation also known as the CDC which is an agricultural and industrial company that grows, produces, and sells tropical crops grown in Limbe. Apart from being an economic powerhouse for Cameroon, Limbe is also a huge tourist spot. The Apartment is in the heart of most sites of interest for tourist and locals in Limbe, due to its prime location The Hampton Garden’s does provide easy access to popular sites of interest like the Beach, The Botanic Gardens, The Limbe Zoo,Mount Cameroon which is an active volcano,and for football lovers they can see the new Limbe Omnisport Stadium, which was built on a hill and has a stunning view of the sea. At night tenants can enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the sea, the palm forest, and the far lights of Malabo in Equatorial Guinea at night. Due to Limbe being a very industrial city with different industries there is constantly a lot of foreigners who come from various parts of the world who come to Limbe for work. SONARA, which is the oil refinery company does a lot of work with companies based in France, England, and Turkey. Therefore many expatriates who work in the oil and gas field end up staying in Cameroon for an extended period of time and many of them come to The Hampton Gardens Apartments. There are also many people who are government contractors and have been sent from other regions of Cameroon to Limbe for an extended period of time. With Limbe’s economy growing, many foreign and local developers have started projects which have led to many of the workers involved with the projects in need for a place to stay therefore resulting in majority of the tenants that stay at The Hampton Gardens Apartment being expatriates or government contractors. The Hampton Garden Apartments also have tenants that have shorts stays and bring their family for getaway. This tends to happen during the holiday season especially since many cameroonians from the diaspora come to Cameroon to spend the holidays with their families.  they have also had instances where the Apartment Complex has been rented out for Nollywood film productions.  Nollywood is one of the world’s largest film Industries based in Nigeria however many of its actors and viewers are from many countries throughout  Africa. The Hampton Garden Apartments  is extremely accommodating and along with a 24/7 security team, housekeeping, And a management team there at all times  tenants can also  request a cook to prepare their meals for them.  Though  it is an Apartment Complex , the Hampton Garden Apartments could be compared to  four star hotel.  the goal of the establishment is to ensure that everyone who stays at the Apartment Complex it’s comfortable, relaxed, and have all their needs taken care of. Despite being in a prime locations, providing great amenities to its tenants The Hampton Gardens Apartments is lagging behind in its use of technology for marketing its brand. The apartments do you have a Facebook page which was created in 2015 but has not been used since. The page currently has five likes and one Five star review on the Facebook page there is a link to a website however the website is not working and is not in use. When you Google  “The Hampton Garden Apartments Limbe” the only thing  correlating with the business that appeard in searches is the facebook page. However The Hampton Garden Apartments is apart of a larger corporation called The Hampton Group International  and on the website of the Hampton group international you will find a tab on the apartment complex.  There you’ll find pictures, a brief summary of what the The Hampton Gardens Apartment is and the services it provides, as well as a number to contact if interested in booking. Other than that there is no other online source of information on the Hampton Garden Apartments. In order to have a business that is constantly growing it is important to use various means of marketing. Market mixing is an important tool for cultivating  the right marketing strategy and ensuring it is executed through effective strategies. Assessing the roles promotion, price, product, place, people, and process plays an integral part in a devising a general marketing scheme for a company. The mix helps in choosing which marketing plan suits an organization. Market mixing  also has an effect on an companies ( STP)  segmentation, targeting, and positioning decisions. Market targeting and segmentation could be based on the product or services a company offers while positioning can based on pricing. STP can also affect how a company promotes and chooses its prices therefore making market mixing and segmentation, target, and positioning (STP) all related. The Hampton Garden Apartment is very traditional in their use of marketing and follows McCarthy’s 4 Ps of marketing; Product, Price, Promotion and Place. ProductThe Hampton Gardens apartment as stated previously is apart of the The Hampton Group International brand. The logo from the brand is a gold “H” within a burgundy shield, any businesses under the group all share the same logo therefore making the brand recognizable. The actually Hampton Garden’s building is also a burgundy color keeping with the brand recognition. PriceOne of the main objectives of all The Hampton Group International businesses Is to provide high quality services and products but at affordable pricing. In order to rent a three bedroom fully furnished apartment at 10 it will have to pay $1500 US dollars per month  that is equivalent to 800,000 CFA franc, which is the currency in Cameroon. For an unfurnished 3 bedroom apartment tenants will pay  $1,000 USD per month which  is equivalent to 530,000 CFA franc. For an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment the price is $800 USD per month  equivalent to  422,000 CFA franc and lastly for a fully furnished two bedroom apartment the price will be $1,300 USD which is equivalent to 690,000 CFA franc. PlaceAs stated previously The Hampton Gardens is located in a prime locations giving tenants easy access to everything the city of Limbe has to offer such as the Beach, The Botanic Gardens, The Limbe Zoo, an active volcano, the Limbe Omnisport Stadium, and beautifuls night light views of Malabo in neighboring country Equatorial Guinea. Limbe is also the heart of Cameroon’s oil industry as well as its tourist and fishing industries, and Limbe has one of Cameroon’s major sea ports the Port of Limbe. Promotion In terms of promotion The Hampton Gardens relies primarily on Referral marketing, which is also referred to as word of mouth, with this method The Hampton Gardens relies heavily on their customers to spread information about its facility,services, and amenities. Referral marketing does help build customer loyalty and it is not a strategic marketing plan therefore it does not add expenses to  the business. RecommendationsThe Hampton Garden Apartment has not used any major promotion and their sources of promotion have been very limited. In order to broaden their customer base they would need to devise a marketing strategy and to use marketing tools that would be relevant to today’s society.  It is Absolutely imperative that in today’s Society every single business has a website  the first recommendation would be for the Hampton gardens to have a working where potential clients can go to seek information on pricing, the facilities, contact information, booking, and any other information they may need.Currently The Hampton Gardens has a facebook that is not active and has not been in use for almost 3 years. It would be highly recommended for them to revamp their Facebook page but to also use other social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. In today’s society social media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to gain customers. Companies that use social media for marketing increase their brand awareness and majority of small business use social media platforms to gain new customers. By using social media business are informing their customers that they are an active brand that  understand the importance of having communications with consumers. Majority of people that search for businesses online are more likely to use business that have active and informative presences online. Though The Hampton Garden has strong customer loyalty through their refereall system by using social media they would be able to increase the customer loyalty by at least 71%. Facebook should be their primary source of online advertisement because it is the biggest and probably the most important social media platform and also because the age demographic of people that would stay at the apartment complex correlate with those that use Facebook. Facebook is mostly used by people between the ages of 25-54 which is the age range of previous tenants especially those who stayed at the establishment due to work. On the Facebook page it would need to be updated with professional pictures of the building, the swimming pool, gazebo, garden, laundry room, and the furnished and unfurnished apartments. It would also be important to add pictures of the tourist attractions Limbe has to offer since they are all in close proximity to the apartments and location is an important factor in promoting the apartments. The Hampton Garden should also invest in Facebook ads, through facebook ads it allows you to target a specific audience based on where they are located,the types of things that interest them, their age, gender,job, and their online behavior. Instagram also allows for brands to pay for their ads to be targeted to a specific demographic however, the difference between Facebook and Instagram is the age demographics of those that use the social media platforms as well as the fact that Instagram is more of a visual platform and is mostly focused on digital media. Linkedin would Also be a good social Media platform to attract more customers to the Hampton Garden Apartments, since majority of the tenants that stay at the Apartment Complex are working professionals  it would be advisable to connect with individuals and businesses that tend to do business in Limbe, Cameroon. YouTube is also a very powerful social media tool and through YouTube the Hampton gardens could produce videos giving tours of the various apartments,  the facilities,  and they could have video testimonials from previous tenants or tenants talking about their experiences staying at the apartment.  on the channel they could also highlight the surrounding areas of the Apartment Complex  for example they can have video footage of the zoo the volcano the Beaches, the nightlife,  and the Botanic Gardens. One of the Great things about social media that they can all be connected together, on the YouTube channel there can be links to the Facebook page, Instagram page,  and the website. On the Facebook page  there can also be links added directing customers to the YouTube page.Outside of social media it would also be wise for the Hampton gardens to build relationships directly with businesses  and government organisations based in Limbe  that usually have outside workers who come to Limbe  for an extended period of time. Through those partnerships companies or government contractors will directly use the Hampton Garden facilities to house their workers.  Another recommendation would be for The Hampton Gardens to increase their Ranking in Google My Business (GMB). Through (GMB) The Hampton Garden would be able to increase their visibility online through platforms such as Google Maps and Google Search. If someone was looking for an apartment complex in Limbe and they typed “apartment complex in Limbe, Cameroon” in a Google search engine The Hampton Garden location, contact details, website, and social media platforms would appear. Email Marketing is also a very effective channel when promoting a business. When individuals visit the website they can subscribe to your email list by providing their email address so that they can further explore the website. Once an individual has subscribed to the email list, they can be sent promotional offers, updates on the facilities, and any additional information you want potential customers to know. Email Marketing is very Low cost, and easy to setup and use, and it’s easy to track data and information. The aparts are not just for long term rentals but can also be used for short stay vacations. Therefore The Hampton Gardens should also be listed on websites such as Tripadvisor,, Kayak, and even Airbnb. Through travel related websites The Hampton Gardens will position itself as a place where tourist and people visiting for a short period of time will have a place to stay. Though it is an apartment complex, The Hampton Gardens does operate like a hotel and that could attract potential clientele. Conclusion Social media has become an essential part of making businesses visible to customers. In order to have brand recognition, customers need to be able to identify the company. Social media provides businesses with the platform to directly communicate with potential customers and by ignoring social media The Hampton Garden could be neglecting many potential clients and potential revenue. Social Networking Sites creates a genuine connection between companies and customers through that connection company create customer loyalty and increase in profit.   Social Media is also a cost effective form of advertising , and it effectively creates awareness, can improve customer service quality and recruit new customers. Though The Hampton Gardens main source of marketing which is word of mouth has proven to be effective thus far it is unlikely the method will be effective in the future. As society is moving in a particular direction it would be useful for The Hampton Gardens to also move in the direction while sticking to the core values of marketing which is McCarthy’s 4Ps.