In next verse begins with the lines, “if

In “Heal the World”, Michael
Jackson talks about; our world’s need of care, love, and peace; providing
better world for future generations; and that everyone must be treated equally
without discrimination, regardless of their race.

The song begins with an
introductive wish, narrated by a young girl, wishing for a better world for the
future generations. The actual song starts immediately afterwards, which states
what we should do, to make our world a better place for everyone.

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The first two verses explain
if you and everyone else give more love, happiness will take over sadness and fear.
It starts with the phrase “there’s a place in your heart, and I know that it is
love”. The “place” symbolizes love, which leads into the next phrase, “and this
place could be much brighter than tomorrow”. The metaphor here states everyone’s
love is needed in the world and it could make “tomorrow” (the future) “brighter”.
The listener can imply that this verse talks about world peace. Jackson further
says it can be achieved by caring for others, and giving love. “Make a little
space” is a short line, but it has an important meaning; even though you may be
just one of the billions of people in the world, you can still make a

The chorus begins with the
phrase “heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the
entire human race”. This sums up the main themes of the song into one; make our
world a better place for everyone, and for the future generations. The part “the
entire human race” shows everyone must be treated equally without
discrimination, regardless of their race. The next line, “there are people
dying” explains that there are people in the world that are suffering and dying
because of poverty, or war, and persuades us to get along. The repetition of
the line “make it a better place for you and for me” restates the theme of the

The next verse begins with
the lines, “if you want to know why, there’s love that cannot lie, love is
strong”. Jackson states that genuine love is important, and it sparks
generosity and true happiness, which is stated in the following lines. The last
line, “we stop existing and start living” explains that, as individuals, we
should have a purpose in this world, rather than just simply “existing”. The
chorus follows, restating the theme.

In the next nine lines, Jackson
asks us a question; we constantly dream and wish for a better world, but why do
we are we still ruining it? It also contains many figurative languages to enhance
it. The word “face” in the second line symbolizes everyone in the world. In the
fourth line of this verse, there is a metaphor of “the world”, when it says it “will
shine with grace”. Several personifications appear in the following lines; “why
do we keep strangling life”; “wound this earth”; and “crucify its soul”. For
these line, Jackson switches to a minor chord, making it sound sad and almost
frustrated, which emphasizes the problems he states. The last phrase relates to
the Bible, telling us to do what God wants us to do; to give love, be happy, have
peace, and have hope.

The following verse states
we have the potential to create the better world, and we should all get along
to create a world where everyone feels safe. The last line of this verse states,
instead of fighting, we should do something to help each other. My interpretation
of this line is; that “swords” symbolize war, and “plowshares” symbolize the
bread in the Bible (because plows sow seeds, that grow into wheat, which is used
to make bread) when Jesus provided enough bread for everyone. This implies that
we should act to help each other, rather than being selfish. The chorus is then
repeated twice.

The song finishes with the
phrase “you and for me” repeating many times, with different echoes in between,
including; “make a better place”, “heal the world we live in”, and “save it for
our children”.

I believe this song is successful
in delivering its message of world peace, and equality. Although I don’t think
the “better world” stated in this song will be seen anytime soon, but I
definitely agree that our world could be improved for us and for the future