In environment will expose me to new skills

In this rapid growing era of Globalization, it is of paramount importance to have a broad and international outlook for any individual. Canada boasts an excellent cultural atmosphere and is known for its finest Education. For this reason, I hope to pursue my management studies in Canada from reputable professors with advanced research facilities. I believe such environment will expose me to new skills and ideas that would enable me to make crucial decisions for the success of my organization.

Briefing my work experience, work life had brought out the best in me. Being part of a Global Organization, helped me to gain a broad and refined international outlook. This is the phase of my life where I learned the importance of Data-driven decisions that form the driving force for any organization. My training project was highly commended by my trainer and the program head, where we analyzed the shopping patterns of individuals and came up with the best analytical solutions to boost the sales and profit. Later, I joined AGCS (Allianz Global corporate services) project where I handled North American region operations of the insurance giant Allianz. In this period, I worked extensively on Data mining, Storage & retrieval. I was very much fascinated with the amount of data that an organization handles and the hidden information that it contains. Seeing my enthusiasm at work, my manager has recommended me for several certification programs. This experience pushed me to dig deeper into the field of Data Analytics.

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While my present job has also helped me to gain knowledge on project handling and Defect management, the industry environment that I am currently in, cannot support my desire for deeper learning. I wish to gain more knowledge in other areas of managerial studies like Finance, Disaster recovery, Resource and Operations Management with special focus on Data Analytics. I, therefore, believe that I must return to the academic world for further growth. By joining this Master’s program, I want to equip myself with all the necessary skills needed to take strategic decisions and implement them to lead the organization successfully. With this acquired knowledge and skill set I would like to see myself in the near future as a professional manager in an organization with a global presence.

With these strong goals in mind, I started looking out for colleges that are offering Graduate programs in Management studies. I was very excited to find about University of Waterloo’s MMSC program as this has an added advantage of learning Data Analytics which is a key factor in business growth. The course curriculum seems to link technology with the practical application of the fact that, it has a Capstone Design program at the end of the course. I believe under the guidance of experienced and reputable professors, I can polish my independent thinking and research capabilities. Finally, the International student body here will open my mind to new influences and new ideas. I, therefore, strongly believe that choosing University of Waterloo’s MMSC program with GDDA is the most logical progression in my life as this is a perfect platform for me to boost my profile and will take me a step closer to achieve my goals.

I believe a university is a place where a student not only acquires knowledge but also gives it in various forms by creating an impact on his fellow peers. Working as a student leader for 2 years during my undergraduate studies taught me a lot about teamwork and leadership responsibilities. I believe from these past experiences that, I’m such a student as I bring with me a variety of work experience. I’m confident that I will uphold the reputation of this university and will become a strong ambassador for this program after graduation. I hope the admission committee shares my enthusiasm and provides me admission. I look forward to being part of Waterloo’s glorious community.