In It could be market analysis which means

In strategic, we try to developing an effective
positioning strategy in our restaurant. It could be market analysis which means
that help us to analyze about different market segments in the size, locations
and what is the trends of the demand now so that this will help us in the
future or for us have a better understanding about customer preferences and
needs. Competition strategy it is very useful because it help us to analyze our
competitor strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat and the result will help
our restaurant to decided which types of benefits we should highlighted to
which type of target segmentation.

For quality strategy, qualities it can be mean in
different things or meaning to peoples. It also can be identify in different
outlooks such as value-based. Based on the Teener and DeToro said that David
Garvin has found out the eight dimensions that can be used strategically to
analyze quality characteristics. Certain dimensions are commonly supportive,
while others are not – on the one hand, the improvement may be at the outlay of
the other (Teener and DeToro, 2008). If we can based on this to understand what
are the customer expecting, it can help us built the good competitive
advantages. To integrate with different perceptions, dissimilar parts of
quality can be used as a framework for analysis and strategic planning. So, in
quality site it includes the performance, serviceability, perceived quality and

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To our restaurant we are more focus on the
evaluating service quality and food quality that comment by customers. The
reason is in service quality side, if we can more understanding about customers
then me can more know what is about they needs or expected so that we can
improve it and get it better because service quality can be the ratio of
service efficiency to customer expectations. If the service quality meet the
customer expectation, they will feel happy and they also will help us to
promote our restaurant such as through worth-of-mouth past experience to others
people or promote in technology advance like Facebook. If the service quality
is terrible then customer might feel disappointed and it will direct effect to
our business and brand name. Based on the Zeithaml, Berry and Parasuraman said
that whether the association concerned customers to assist them in a
personalized way related interests and personal attention. It involves
understanding the accessibility, sensitivity and effort of the user’s needs.
(Zeithaml, Berry and Parasuraman, 2013). Therefore, food quality also be part
in this strategic, when the food quality is better or maintain, it might help
restaurant to create a good competitor advantage and increase the business

For pricing strategy, it plays an important role in
whole business. In our business we try to offering the prices in low to attract
customers to spend more. Because more of the customer not willing to pay the
higher prices and if our prices are higher than other similar competitors ,
customers will looking substitutes product and they also can get the same
product or the things that fulfill their needs. In competition based pricing,
is we offering the lower price per unit then we can enjoy the low price
leadership in the market. For example, our prices are less than the competitor
prices and that is the good chances for us and customers. When customers who
are on the tight financial budget, then customers will looking for the low cost
meals and with the good value and quality they perceived. This strategic might
be successful if the customers don’t equal the prices with the quality and
value. If the costs of economic are low then it can help restaurant to make

In location strategy, this is new trendy restaurant
and then a lot of people would like to give it a try. Beside in located at
location where the students, family and working adult can easily get healthier
food because is herbal and herbal is good for health especially for people
nowadays. Recently, many people are hesitant, or suicide, lack of sleep, etc.
That is because modern people lack adequate nutrition. Most of the time, they
want be faster and save times so they will choose surrounded the entire fast food
item. Our restaurant is a herbal style restaurant and that will be a good
choice for them to have a nice and healthier nutritious meals as well as they
can relax on the restaurant. Environment of restaurant also can for worker to
relax and release stress because working life is very stress as well as study
life therefore there is a place to them to relax and getting a good food. At
the same time, workers also share their work or talk about the day while they
are eating. That also can be a place for the customers with their clients. They
can meet their clients at our restaurant and discuss about business while
dining with customers.