In motivate the interest and participation of people

In my
country, Myanmar, involvement of women in politics is very limited. Although
there are more than 90 political parties, women
candidates are only round about six percent of total decision making positions.
Latt et al. (2017)
reported that the policies and practices
of the political parties themselves are constraints for women’s political participation. Therefore, women have no experience and
skills in politics and the cultural norms of the human societies inhibit them
to participate in politics actively.

the culture may affect the participation of people in politics, for example,
the children of the activists have more chance to involve actively as their
parents’ beliefs and actions motivate them to engage themselves in political
participation (Merelman 1984).  There is also influence of media and social network on people
participation. The political talk of friends, parents and other surrounding
people could motivate the interest and participation of people in politics (Ribeiro
et al. 2014). The next finding is that participants with higher education
levels are more motivated to engage in politics (Leighley 1995).

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Political participation may depend on the country of residence.
According to Bolzendahl and Coffé (2013), participants from new democracies in
eastern Europe are less likely to participate than those from old democracies
because they have no experience in political participation.

In conclusion I remark that there are so many
reasons why people participate or not in politics. The factor that can
influence the most on the
citizens’ political participation is their country situation.  From my experience as a Myanmar citizen, our
ability to participate in politics was very limited due to the administration
of military. Citizens had no chance to participate in decision-making processes.
Some of the activists were arrested and killed by military. This leads to less
motivation for citizens to take part in politics.