In and suddenly, he fainted. He opened one

In this little town in England called Demo Fall there lived a 15 year old tall, fast guy that had black hair and brown eyes, his name was Jack. He lost his family when he was 4 years old and now lived in a Cardboard little like dog house in the side of a little restaurant. He won money by cleaning men shoes and washing cars. One casual normal day he was going to buy a little bit of food because today where he worked there was this meeting and every man wanted their shoes to be clean so he gained a lot of money. He was coming back with six breads and four drinks when he saw two grown men running towards him. He got scared and started to run to the restaurant that was near his house. He didn’t get there on time and the guy’s that were running to him caught him and one stabbed him right on the leg. He didn’t know what was happening and suddenly, he fainted. He opened one eye and a light didn’t let him see, Doctor. Raleigh said ‘he will be okay, we just need more time’. The light suddenly turned off and he opened his eyes, he saw many doctors looking at him and telling him that he was going to be okay. He guessed he was in the Hospital. He heard Dr. Raleigh saying, “he is going to be okay we just need a little bit of more time”. He had a headache and was a little bit confused. All of the doctors left and the only one there was Dr. Raleigh. He said “You have been hurt real bad you know kid”. “Yes”, Jack said. They started talking about Jack’s life and he was very sorry for the kid. Jack told him that his dream was to win the lottery and then beat the house to keep the money and the house. Dr. Raleigh also wanted the money and the house so they made a deal that he will train him, make him stronger, faster and help him beat the house, Jack loved the idea. When Dr. Raleigh found out that Jack lived in a Cardboard house he said “When you get out of here you will stay at my home”. Jack asked “When can I get out of this torture” the doctor responded “Few weeks”. He did the same thing everyday for 6 weeks, have breakfast, watch TV, have lunch, watch TV, have dinner, watch TV, he hated the Hospital. He waited until the day Mr. Raleigh went in the room and told him “You are free, we can go now, let’s start training the lottery is in 3 months”. When they got to Dr. Raleigh’s house he was instantly given a room and lunch. He loved it there, the house was very far from the city, it was in the mountains near a lake and it would be very sunny there. He would play with the doctors dog Merf. He was a Golden-retriever very, very small. He sometimes played in the Giant backyard and in the street mainly with the dog. He started training 1 week after he was comfortable and was perfect. Dr. raleigh started training him with first 5 minutes walks in the treadmill and when the 5 minutes passed he started a 20 minute Jog. They trained everyday at 7:30 AM in Dr. Raleigh’s Gym. That would be easy for Jack because he woke up everyday when he lived in the Cardboard house at 5 AM because of work and because he had to get ready. When some weeks passed he decided to start training harder. He started to wake up at 6 AM and started running outside of Dr. Raleigh’s house to where he lived, everyday he saw his old house and everyday is was tearing apart slower and slower each time. It was a 1 hour run from Dr. Raleigh’s house to Jack’s old house and back. He always got in time to the training with Dr. Raleigh until the doctor started to realize he was doing that and he didn’t let him do that again, they got in a really big fight and the next day Jack went out earlier and he was running faster than usual, he crossed the road without watching out from any cars because he thought it was to early for cars to be there and suddenly a car passed and hit him. Jack was directly taken to the Hospital. The doctors said that he broke one arm, one leg and his head. He thought that the hole lottery thing and everything was done but then Dr. Raleigh came in and told him that he would have to be 2 months with all of the casts and that if he wanted he could train while being with all of the casts and that the casts would be taken of from him 1 week after the lottery. Jack wasn’t doubting it he just wanted to do it. He wanted to try everything for him to win. They just forgot one thing, there were more than 900 people participating in the lottery, they knew they had low chance of winning. They bought 50 tickets for only Jack and when he could leave the Hospital he started training well trying to train. His leg was with a cast so it was very hard for them to train so they said that he should rest. Jack thought that if he wins the lottery he will get killed because he didn’t train or anything. Everybody in the house were upset because they have been so long working for the lottery and just because Jack didn’t follow what Dr. Raleigh said know everything is gone at the moment.  When he had to get the casts off he started training he had one week. He never worked like he did that last week. He ran and ran and ran. The day of the lottery came and he hoped he won the lottery. While the Mayor starting moving and shaking the box full of tickets, Jack started to sweat he was so nervous. He took one little ticket out, and Jack remembered his first ticket he bought, the number was 1497285, he knew it like his own name. The mayor opened the paper and he said “The winner is 1497285!!”. Jack jumped up in the air he was so happy and Dr. Raleigh was happier. They made the lottery just beside the old, dark house. In the outside the house was full of dust and all of the windows were shut with some Bricks. The lottery was that the winner had to go in the house and find the Golden Key, this key opened the back door of the house and the key was inside the shoe of this supposed Crazy Guy that kills anyone that goes in the house and his helper was the house. The house had life, all the people in town said that the house and the guy both were crazy and bad with anyone that went in the house. Every person that went in the house were given a knife and a sword. They gave the sword to Jack and he opened the door, he went in and the door closed in an instant. He thought he did not need the sword and the knife so he left it in the door. He only had 24 hours to get out. The house was giant he first checked the first floor. He went to the garage first and he saw very unusual things, there was a lot of music players and lots of discs. He went to the living room didn’t find anything, kitchen didn’t find anything. He realized that there was nothing in the first floor so he went to the second. As he went up the stairs, every step he took the chairs made a scary noise. He saw a lot of rooms in that house. In all of the rooms he went in he saw two beds and a music player. The next room the same, then the same, and then the same. Going through the Hallway of the house he saw many swords and knifes in the floor and that scared him a little but he knew he could get out. While checking all the rooms and the first and second floor he had lost 4 hours and he realized he should get some sleep and start searching in the morning. He went into the farthest room from the stairs to the third floor, locked the door, put one of the beds leaning against the door for the “Crazy guy not to come in”. He realized he was safe and went to sleep. He had a watch that told him how much time he had left, while he was sleeping the hours passed, the minutes passed. He woke up because there was a weird noise upstairs. He saw his watch he had 3 hours left. He got ready moved the bed and opened the door. Everything was dark, he decided to check all of the second floor rooms one more time and found nothing. He knew the man had to be in the third room somewhere. He took a deep breath started going up the stairs. Just like the stairs going to the second floor, the stairs just started to make noises from the first step. He got to the third floor and he saw three doors and in each door it said something different in one it said, Running from them in another it said, walking away and in the last one it said, living alone. He remembered when he went to the garage he saw three big discs one said, Running From Them another said, Walking away and on the last one it said, Living Alone and he remembered clearly that one saying FAVORITE in big black letters. He went into that one and one second he thought and said, “Everyone was dying just because they tried to go fast and just kill the man, and they didn’t check the house for clues”. He went in and heard a little bit of music each time louder and louder while he got closer to another door. He opened it and there were three other doors that said Crunching 1, Crunching 5, Crunching 7. He remembered the stairs in the house and remembered that in both stairs the 1 step always had a louder Crunching sound. He know knew that he was right, all of the other people that went there didn’t hear neither see they just ran and tried to kill the man. He went in and there was a large Hallway getting to another door. When he went in the other door, there was other 3 doors and they said, I am a killer, I am a singer, I am crazy. He had to choose. Because of all the albums and discs and song players he saw all around the house he went into the I am a Singer door. He went in and saw a very, very old man in a piano, playing a very slow song. The old man said, “Finally someone made it, thankyou, thankyou for saving me from this torture. The old man gave him the key to the back door and said, “you are a very intelligent little kid you know, good you saw my clues”. Jack said, “How much time have you been here”? “31 years” replied the old man. “Everyone in town think that I am a crazy old man right” the old man said, “You were the very first person to not try to kill me because of the lies they are telling in town, but know I am free”. When you go out there will be a lot of people thank you for this, you are not like the others.” Jack went out the house looked back and the old man disappeared in a second, but Jack knew he was happy and safe wherever he was.