2. and its quality is given. Besides,

2. Sometimes the salesman tries to highlight a special function or show the special features either by operating or by testing the product through the prospect. Demonstration of the product is highly effective in such cases for pointing out special and specific features.

For example, when a person wants to purchase an audio system, the salesman operates all the functions by himself or allows the customer to operate and verify the essential functions. This helps the salesman prove his statement made during the sales talk.

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3. When the presentation of the product across the counter is not possible, test reports, operator’s opinion, survey findings are shown to the prospects. This method is used in case of heavy machineries and bulky articles for which live demonstration is not possible.

Therefore, in order to convince the working capability and quality of the products and services, testimonials can be used to win over the confidence of the customers. Sometimes, guarantee about the product and its quality is given. Besides, replacements of parts in case of defects are also assured to instill confidence in the minds of the customers.

4. Demonstration facilitates comparison and contrasting of various qualities and merits of products and thereby the superiority of a particular product over others is proved. Thus, the salesman can clearly point out the degree of difference among different products regarding quality, utility, durability, design, colour, etc. to the prospects to win over their confidence. Unbreakable parts should also be demonstrated live to the prospective buyers.

5. The salesman should allow the prospects to handle the product themselves. This helps the prospects to arrive at the purchase decision easily and quickly. While selling wrinkle free clothes or garments, the salesman can ask the prospects to test the same by themselves.

In case of unbreakable items, he can demonstrate its immunity to breakage. While selling eatables like fruits and sweets, he can allow the customers to taste and judge the quality of the product themselves.

6. The demonstration should be made of all details of the product. A clear and detailed demonstration generally removes all possible doubts from the minds of the customers. Nothing should be concealed from the prospective buyers, so that they carry the impression that the salesman is honest.

All do’s and don’ts should be demonstrated and explained. As a matter of fact, clean and clear demonstration enables the salesman to win the confidence and ultimately the conviction of the prospects.