Indians jingoist’s nationalists but citizens with international understanding.

Indians have solemnly resolved that India will be a secular democracy. My government would secure equality, justice, fraternity, human and fundamental rights for all citizens irrespective of their cast, creed, religion or sex.

Only a society where peace is cultivated through contentment and harmony can prosper. I would help in the evolution of a “fearless society” with individual security” which would work for universal brotherhood and fulfill the dreams of Rabindra Nath Tagore.

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As Rabindra Nath Tagore says, ”where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; where knowledge is free; where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls into that heaven of freedom. My father let my country awake.”

My Linguistic Policy:

To secure linguistic harmony I would preach and practise ‘equality of languages’. I would uproot the caste system in India which creates injustice, inequality and destroys self-esteem. I would remove the column of caste and religion from all governments’ records and application forms. I would not develop jingoist’s nationalists but citizens with international understanding.

My first step would be to educate the people of India make them aware of their rights, duties and the challenges faced by India. For every citizen primary education would be a must no matter whether a child or an adult.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women’s education would be emphasised because educating women means educating the families. My aim would be to achieve 100% literacy which would be employment-oriented. Outdated courses will be abolished. Moral education would be a compulsory part of school syllabus. Suitable manpower would be developed according to modern and national needs. Availability of teachers in rural schools and dropouts from the school would be monitored.

In my regime, higher education would be strictly based on merit. Indig­enous research and development facilities and centres for excellence would be set up to stop the brain drain. India will collaborate with leading technologies in the world. “Serve India for a minimum period of three years” would be the rule applicable for students passing out from government aided institution. I would ensure for them equally attractive job opportunities, environment con­ducive to their satisfaction and handsome perks to prevent brain drain.

I would like to make India today and India tomorrow IT savvy. My aim would be to spread computer, Internet and telephones lines to the remotest village of the country. Self-employment is the need of the hour. Special training sessions would be organized for youth. Loans will be made available for the deserving people with follow up action. My message to the countrymen would be “Employ yourself and provide employment to others.” I would try to utilise the boom in IT sector to bridge the ever increasing gap between poor and rich by creating more employment avenues.

Our population nullifies your achievements and creates a vicious circle of all the problems. Malnutrition, insufficient medical care, high infant mortality rates and problems of aged are some of its direct consequences. Domestic violence against women would be made punishable under law. Combined old age and juvenile homes would be planned to satisfy complementary needs of each group. Cities have become overpopulated although acres of fertile lands are wasted for their expansion. Planned distribution of population would be my priority.

A sound mind and good physical health are the prerequisites of any development. Half of the Indian children are severely under-nourished. Health of mothers and nourishment of children through mid-day meals would be ensured. Public awareness and strict laws against child labour would be my aim. The NGOs working for human development would be strengthened.

A noted communist once observed that corruption has become our national culture. Anti-social elements are engaged in black-marketing, adulteration, bribery and thus are injecting black money in the economy.

Indian police would be modernised to deal more effectively with so-called “underworld” criminals. Awareness programme against social evils like dowry, sati and child marriage would be continued. To eradicate corruption and bring transparency and accountability in governance, computerised paperless of­fices and timely refresher courses for employees would be relied upon. I would ensure that relief funds and grants reach the targeted hands. Criminalisation of politics would be checked at all cost.

Gandhian principles of honesty, simplicity and need-based optimum expenditure would be followed to control the fiscal deficit, laws will be made to nab cyber criminals through Periodic meetings, and centre state relationship would be strengthened.

Instead of being an autocrat, I would prefer to be a flexible prime minister. However, I would not hesitate to take harsh decisions if the situation so warranted in our quest to revive the glory of India as an ideal power for the world. I would appeal to my countrymen not to forget the richness of Indian values. In the rapid process of becoming world citizens the message of “unity in diversity” alone can show the path of enlightenment to the world. If I were the prime minister of India I would make the country a paradise for the common man and a country of our dreams.