I that it was inclusive in that it

I decided to do my analysis on the website link you gave me
from the Health and Human Services website. I thought the link itself was
fantastic and easy to navigate, with loads of good links for information for
pregnant moms lacking health care access or education for a healthy pregnancy,
but the problems I experienced, was once off the link, I found the entirety of
the Health and Human Services website confusing and difficult to navigate and
the website didn’t have any actual information on the services available, just
a number to call to get information for the services.

the link lead me to an FAQ section with a question labeled “Are there any
health assistance programs for pregnant women, mothers, and children?”,
Underneath is a number to call to gain information for resources on health
care. One thing I really loved about the website is that it was inclusive in
that it offered a number to Spanish speaking people as well. It also suggested
calling your local health department, but did not list the numbers or how to
obtain them.

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Under that section, it listed a
number of links to really great educational and informational articles about
different pregnancy topics. Some links listed were “Prenatal Services” (A
resource guide), “Healthy Pregnancy”, “Depression During Pregnancy”, “Newborn
Screening”, “Healthy Start”, “Home Visiting Program”. All of them were great
sources, or it seemed from a quick glance over each, and I loved that there was
a wide variety of topics included for moms, but the resource guide, which I’m
assuming was the link actually linking the mom in question to local health care
services said “page not found” when clicked on.

Unfortunately, and in addition to the
“page not found”, after clicking out of the link onto the homepage of the
HHS,org site, I was unable to find where the original page I was looking at had
been. I’m sure with a little digging, I’d be able to find it, but it wasn’t
initially easy, making it a little harder to access for pregnant moms who don’t
have the direct link like I did.

Overall, I found the articles linked
on the site informative and easy to access. It was the website itself that I
found difficult to navigate back to the article, and the resource guide did not
work. This is a small issue however, because the website offers an alternative
way to contact HHS to inquire about local services provided by providing a

I think the website could be improved
by making the resources available viewable on the website and without having to
call the number, and providing a contact number for the health department by
state and county. Additionally, updating and fixing the links at the bottom
would encourage people to view more of them, as the broken link is the first
one listed. Finally, the Department of Health and Human Services could make the
prenatal healthcare services page easier to find from the home screen for
people who don’t have a direct link to the page.