I I’m having a balanced diet of both

     I believe that eating meat is ethical due to the historical reasons, nutritious value, and financial benefits. However there are people, such as vegetarian and vegans, who would disagree and say that eating meat is a form of animal cruelty and not necessary for the human body.      First, dating back to around 2.5 million years ago, fossils of meat butchering tools andanimal bones with cut marks in them have been recorded. This shows how earlyhumans have eaten meat as part of their diets. I remember learning in school how there were hunters and gatherers in the early times for food source. When humans started to eat meat, theyactivated a genetic change which made the processing of fats easier. Humans adaptedto eating meat because it came as a way of survival. There wasn’t much technology or certain food that were indigenous to certain area so food sources weren’t as plentiful in those times. So people had to use what wa around them for survival and wild animal’s meat were one of them.      To clarify, the main reason I eat meat is because I know I’m having a balanced diet of both animals and plants which I feel is very beneficial to my body. Eating both meat and plants supply what is needed to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. I keep in mind though that everything needs to be in moderation because too much of something isn’t always good. That’s why I feel a mixture of both results in a healthy diet. Meat is also a huge source of protein, which is a major part of humans diets. The human body needs protein to build and repair tissue as well as to make enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals needed in the body. I know that eating meats such as chicken, fish, and beef aren’t the only ways to get protein. Vegetables such as broccoli and brussels sprouts also provideprotein, but they don’t provide as much that is necessary for the body.      In addition, I know quite few people who are vegetarians or vegans, in fact my best friend is a vegan. I see how many places don’t have a variety of vegan options, she usually eats before or gets a salad. At some places vegan food can also be more expensive. Let’s say you go to McDonalds, you can get a cheeseburger for a dollar or a salad for four dollars. My friend has also told me how she needs to buy more vegetables and vegan foods so that she can get the recommended amount of calories, nutrients, and protein needed to be healthy. In some cases having a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can be a little costly, which not everyone can sustain that.      Therefore, just because someone eats meat doesn’t mean they are a bad person or that they don’t love animals. There’s a natural order to the world that if all humans stop eating meat there would be an abundance of animals and a lack of plants to eat since there’s only a limited amount. Eating meat has been a part of human life since the beginning of time. There are also benefits to the human health due to the abundance of protein and nutrients. Also having a meat and plant diet isn’t as costly as having a diet that requires alternative versions of meat and animal products.