I in areas of my interest in Biotechnology


I was very pleased to see this
scholarship opportunity, when I saw that scholarship advertisement on social
media website and this letter will likely express my gratitude to the
Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme. I
have recently, completed my Bachelors of Sciences in Biochemistry with honors
from Government College University Faisalabad with good marks. I had learnt a
lot during my four year Bachelor’s study that developed a great interest to do
further studies for pursuing Masters degree in Biotechnology or relevant


Regarding to my strong knowledge in
that field I strongly perceive that Masters in Biotechnology or relevant
fields, in Hungarian universities, perfectly suitable to my background academic
profile and my future prospects. As Hungarian universities are top leading
universities in the world university rankings, especially in Science and
Medicine field, I intent to have research, in depth, in areas of my interest in
Biotechnology and relevant fields in local Hungarian universities to improve
research skills through training and utilizing my previous knowledge.

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Because of some limited resources my
country and financial issues, I have not been able to continue my further
studies for Masters Degree in my home country or anywhere else.  That’s why, I will be very thankful to be
presented with full funded scholarship that will give me a opportunity to
continue my education in a proper way and achieve my career goals. As a
potential employer, the knowledge and experience, I would gain here in reputed
Hungarian university, will intend to share with students especially in public
sectors such as in local universities in Pakistan and research organizations as
well as to next generations.


Furthermore, this extraordinary scholarship opportunity
will help me interact with students and scholars from different professions and
cultures from all over the world that will make me more sociable. This type of
interaction between people will lead to gain new ideas or thoughts to solve
some worldwide problems.


In conclusion, I would like to specify
that I am determined to make the most out of the scholarship program. I strongly
believe that if I would get this scholarship, I will a worthy member of your
team and it will empower my career prospects.gy