(3) part of education. As we know the

(3) Advantages of Games and Sports.

(4) Disadvantages of Games.

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(5) Provisions for Games and Sports in Schools.

(6) Conclusion.

The place of games and sports in the life of human beings is great. There is a very old saying that “Health is Wealth”. One can build has body by playing games as it provides exercise in open and fresh air. All work and no play makes a person dull. Exercise gives life and energy to the mind and the body of the people and helps to keep them fit. Exercises, walking, jogging and yoga are the parts of every games and sports and these help to build up the body of the people.

Games and sports are a very necessary part of education. As we know the aim of education is all round development — physical, mental and moral of a student. Only a sound body can have a sound mind.

Mind cannot be stronger if the body is weak. A good student must take care of all the things. He must give time to his studies, but he should not neglect games. He should follow a general principle “work, while you work, play, while you play, that is the way to be happy and gay.” In the past there was no provision for games and sports in India schools and colleges. But, now no educational institution is complete without some arrangement for different games and sports.

Games and sports have many advantages. They improve health and help in building up a good body. As games are played in the open air, the body gets plenty of sunshine and fresh air. The value of good health is well expressed in the proverb— “A sound mind in a sound body.” Hockey, football and other games provide better health.

Games have another advantage. They develop a spirit of friendship. Players do not play for themselves only but for the team as a whole. The dedication and skill displayed by every player on the field is worth watching. A sportsman develops a broad outlook and learns the value of cooperative work. These habits prove highly useful in life. Team spirit among the players should be followed by each and every person to make the earth a better place to live in.

Besides comradeship and team spirit games provide good training in discipline and organization. Games teach us discipline and sportsmanship. A sportsman treats victory and defeat equally. Games provide a good training for playing the game of life. A true player is unmindful of joys and sorrows. We learn to laugh in the face of failures. We do not feel proud at success.

Sportsmanship approach towards life helps us to face the challenges in life with a brave spirit. It gives the best education in the art of living. The spirit of sportsmanship helps in the formation of character. The player learns the value of showing respect to his elders and teammates. Players learn to obey their captain and carry out his instructions.

Games teach us the art of leadership also. The captain wins the hearts of his team through love, sympathy and fair play. In this way games produce the best citizens of tomorrow. Games provide a good excitement in dull life of students we can make the best use of leisure by playing games. They also let off the surplus energy of young men.

If this surplus energy does not come out the result would be mischief and indiscipline. Students must be kept busy when they are not studying. Games often help in entering life. Extraordinary players choose games as their profession in life. Sometimes they are selected to represent their country in international tournaments and Olympic Games.

In our schools, however games and sports are a neglected subject today. Many schools have no proper arrangement for games. Games should be made compulsory for every student in every school. Education should mean a perfect balance of imparting physical and academic education to the child education without games in incomplete in order to make a full man of a student. School should give due importance to games and sports. The state should allocate sufficient funds for the promotions of sports in the country.

But, there are some disadvantages of the games too. People attach to much importance to them. Games tend to become an end in themselves. It also prove harmful to study, if too much attention is paid to them. It often happens that many promising students sacrifice their careers by giving too much time to games.

To conclude games are necessary. But, too much cultivation of games has harmful results. Seeing the positive impact of games and sports in life and education parents should help children include games in their daily routine. A game even an hour a day, could benefit the child in his physical and mental development. There is a need for maintaining a perfect balance between the studies and sports. ‘Healthy and Wise’ citizens of a country can hope to be wealthy and prosperous.