(i) case of the architectural work of art,

(i) The-work is first published in India.

(ii) Where the work is first published outside India the author, at the date of publication must be a citizen of India. If the publication was made after the authors’ death the author must have been at the time of his death a citizen of India.

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(iii) In case of unpublished work the author is at the date of making the work a citizen of India or domiciled in India.

(iv) In case of the architectural work of art, the work is located in India. Registration of copyright – The steps for Registration:

Application in triplicate with prescribed fees.

Applicant to serve notice of his application to every person who has any interest in the subject matter

If the Registrar receives any objection he may after holding such inquiry as he deems fit, enter such particulars of work in the register of copyright, which he considers proper.

Registrar then sends copies of the entries made in the register to the parties concerned.