Be had in mind. Make sure each and

Be approachable. An effective leader will make a point to be available to provide direction and leadership to anyone and everyone in need.

Share the credit and shoulder the blame. If praise is given to you, make sure that other members involved in the project receive their fair share of the credit and as the leader accept the blame.

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Learn to say things in the right way. In order to learn this important skill, you must learn to read people. This requires paying attention to their personalities and finding the best way to say something that will connect with that individual.

Thank people for their contributions. The better others feel about their contributions, the more likely they’ll want to help you again.

Utilize the personal touch. Acknowledge the work and accomplishments of seniors, fellow workers, and others. Take time to get to know your fellow workers and make sure that the people you interact with know you.

Be flexible about how to attain a goal. People approach tasks with different mindsets, and that’s okay. Just relax, take time to consult others, and be flexible. You might find their way better than whatever plan you had in mind.

Make sure each and every individual feels important. The better people feel about themselves, the more willing they will be to put extra effort into their work.

Give feedback in a timely manner. No one likes to wait. The longer you as a leader lag in providing feedback, the more likely your team are prone to not care.

Take initiative. To be a great leader, you must show initiative to get the job done. Do not wait to be told to do something, simply do it. Colin Powell once said, ‘It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.’ Move on with your instincts, you will often be right.

Now that you’ve developed a concept of what it takes to be an effective leader, you can put those ideas into practice, whether that means seeking leadership positions or simply demonstrating these qualities on day-to-day basis. Working to implement these principles of effective leadership will set you on your way to becoming a leader of tomorrow.