The women who are having affairs embark on

The stories the Storm and the story of an hour are two allegorical fictional writings that reflect on major issue that affects relationships in the current society.

Written by Kate Chopin, she humorously and romantically highlights the impact of infidelity in a lighter tone. The author focus on the on the way couples struggle to keep their emotions secret because of marriages. Authentically, the two stories intertwine with various relationship factors in the modern society.

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Contemporarily, most families are unstable mainly because of unfaithfulness. The media is one of the channels, which has recently concentrated on the issue of divorce in the contemporary society. In comparison with Kate Chopin stories, the aspect of divorce /separation is not evident therefore, what is the secret in Chopin’s story that most couples in the current society shun?

Nearly all constitutions dissolve marriages when infidelity is evident. Personally, I have attended a divorce case in a local court, which involved a tycoon. During the proceedings, one of the elements that lacked in the estranged couples was respect.

Respect of each other is the major step, which can save a marriage. In her stories, Kate Chopin indirectly tackles the issue of respect between a husband and a wife. For instance, although Calixta rekindles her love affair, she not only prepares supper for her family but also welcome her husband with open arms and happiness. When her husband returns after the storm, she says “Oh, Bobinot! You back! My! But I was uneasy” (Chopin, section III par. 5).

Contemporarily, most women who are having affairs embark on hating their husbands an action that leads to conflicts. Some even hurl insults to their partners. Despite of having an affair, Calixta carry’s out her role as a wife and a mother. She not only prepares food for the family but also expresses her love to both her husband and son.

Similarly, Alcee decides to write to his wife a love letter assuring of her freedom to stay away from home. Clarisse does not find fault in her husband’s letter. However, any woman in the contemporary society whose husband gives away such freedom will accuse him of having an affair.

Therefore, according to Kate Chopin freedom is one of the issues that may keep a marriage relationship to grow stronger. During the divorce case, one of the issues that became evident was that most spouses did not trust each other. Furthermore, spouses spy on each other, an issue that greatly contributes to divorce. Although Alcee and Clarisse are miles apart, none of them cites a problem in their brief separation. Therefore, respect and trust are major elements that keep marriages alive.

On the other hand, during the court proceedings the woman did not only hold a contemptuous attitude towards the husband but also revealed some secret family affairs to the public. In the story of an hour, although Louise Mallard hates the oppression nature of her husband she openly mourns his death as though it was a blow on her life.

Intuitively, Louise is happy because silently “She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudder that life might be long” (Chopin 10). Mallard hates her husband but she keeps on a bravery face to ensure that the marriage stands.

Louise behavior shows that she does not only respect the marriage institution but also respect her husband. Analysis of the divorce case reveals that secrecy, respect and a guarantee of freedom are some of the factors that contributed to breakdown of the marriage. Although Alcee has an affair and lives apart from the wife he, writes, “A loving letter full of tender solicitude” (Chopin section IV par.1).

In addition, appreciation is also a vital factor that lacks in most marriages. As the divorce attorney examined both couples, none of them could appreciate each other yet they had lived together for ten years. Authentically, can two people stay together for a decade without either of them performing an appreciable task? More over, the couple had two children who were at the centre of their controversial marriage.

In the storm, Bobinot appreciates his wife by buying her shrimps, which are her favorite. In retaliation, the wife prepares a feast for the husband and son. Likewise, Clarisse is happy to receive her husband’s letter and heeds to his request of staying away for sometime. Eventually, the court dissolved the marriage due to lack of trust and infidelity. However, if married couples emulate the characters in Kate Chopin’s fictional writings then dissolve cases will decrease.

In conclusion, in her stories Kate secretly highlights the elements that lead to divorce cases. However, despite of the challenges, she highlights that appreciation; trust and freedom are some of the factors, which can establish a good marriage. Through personal experience during a divorce case proceeding, the couple ended the marriage based on infidelity and mistrust. However, people who cannot prevent affairs should learn to respect and appreciate their spouse to avoid conflicts, as it is the case in the storm.

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