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Hitler essay In the middle of the 19th century, after the First World War, the Germans lost and had faced a great economic depression. This depression made the German citizens lost trust with their government. Germany was led in great humiliation and lost many respect, land and power. Germany was very soon deserted. This was a very great chance for Adolf Hitler to rise into power by being their saviour, boosted back their economy, he satisfied Germany. In my paper, I am going to talk about how Adolf Hitler rose into power.Adolf Hitler was a part of the German army and saw the loss of Germany, Hitler was unconvinced since he was taught that Germany was a powerful nation. This led to his thought of that the loss wasn’t Germany’s fault, he thought that someone has betrayed Germany. He blamed many people and stuff, he blamed the government for signing the Treaty of Versailles, which was what brought the war to the end, but another main blame was the Jews. The countries who won forced Germany to pay back all the loss, unhappy citizens including Hitler wanted a new leader to lead them, this was when Hitler thought that he could he could be the person who leads Germany back to how it was before, how it was very glorious before. He was elected to be the chancellor of Germany.Many may ask how would Hitler just become a chancellor of Germany suddenly, the answer is that no, he didn’t just become a chancellor randomly. There was a party that had a very similar idea to Hitler, it was the German Workers’ Party, after known as the Nazi party. Hitler join the party at 1920, around 2 years after the war ended, and was promoted to be the leader very shortly after. Soon after, he got imprisoned by unsuccessfully trying to take over and have absolute power over Munich. During his time of imprisonment, he wrote a book called “My Struggles”. The book was about his beliefs, talking about how he thought Jews were against Germany and how if Germany was led by Aryans, a term used by the Nazi’s meaning the pure German race, their ideal race of Germany. Many citizens were scared of communism and supported Hitler’s way, they supported him and elected him to be the chancellor of Germany.