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History of McDonald’s Corporation McDonald’s corporation was founded on May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino in California. It is one of the largest chain of fast food over the world. Richard and Maurice Macdonald who are brothers. They were founded the idea of McDonald’s restaurant, and Ray Crock was the founder of McDonald’s. The CEO of McDonald’s is Don Thompson and the headquarter of McDonald’s is in Oka Brook in United States. It produces fast food. Moreover, the subsidiary company of McDonald’s is McDonald’s Israel. In 2013, the number of employees in McDonald’s restaurants over the world was 1.8 million employees. McDonald’s corporation is commercial corporation that owned by millions of people who their aim is to make the profits.  The logo of McDonald’s restaurant was designed IN 2003 by Heye & Partner GmbH.   History of Burger King’s Corporation Burger King’s corporation which known as BK is one of the biggest international corporations. The second largest chain of fast food restaurants in North America after McDonalds’ corporation is Burger King Corporation. The founders of Burger King’s corporation are James Mclamore and David Edgerton, it’s headquarter is in Miami in Florida. It founded on July, 1953. It produces fast food. In 2002, the revenues of Burger King was 11.3 billion dollars. In fact, in 1995, James Mclamore and David Edgerton purchased insta Burger King corporation which the mother corporation ,and they renamed to Burger King .They purchased the mother corporation because it faced several financial issues in 1995. Moreover, the logo of Burger King contains three different colors which are red, yellow and blue,and the result of this combination is an attractive mix.      The Product of McDonald’s McDonald’s delivers basic drinks and food product. This part of the marketing mix might contain different organizational output (good and services) offered by a firm to its target customers. McDonald’s product mix.1.?Beverages2.?McCafe3.?Breakfast/All day4.?Hamburgers and sandwiches 5.?Chicken and fish6.?Snacks and sides7.?Salads8.?Desserts and shakesIn the beginning, McDonald’s first restaurant was well known for its burgers. However, the firm extends its product mix through time. In this day, customers can buy different products such as chicken and fish, dessert and breakfast meals. This element of the marketing mix shows that the new innovative products bring more customers to McDonalds’  The Product of Burger King’sBurger King acts as a fast restaurant service and its mainly present burgers as the major product. That ingredient of the marketing mix shows the organizational result presented the target customers. The main products of Burger King are:1.?Dessert/Sweets2.?Beverages3.?Sides4.?Veggies and salads5.?Fish and Chicken   Instead, of providing burger production line, it’s also offered fish and chicken and the sides contain hash browns, onion rings, fries, and nuggets. On another hand, Burger King has numbers of salads, like Chicken Caesar Salad andMorningstar Veggie salad. Also, beverages contain frappes, iced tea, sodas, water, coffee, milk, smoothies, and juices. The sweets and dessert of burger king contain Oreo shake, Caramel Sundae, and Dutch Apple Pie. Moreover, the company collects its products as valuable meals as well as meals for kids. By this mix marketing ingredients, Burger King has a consistent approach, as reflected in its limited product mix. However, this product mix supports Burger King’s overall strategy through economies of scale of mass production for a limited number of production lines.     The Promotion of McDonald’s Promotion is one of the elements of the marketing mix of McDonald’s. McDonald’s uses promotion in order to attract a lot of customers. As a result, it will lead to increase its revenues and profits. It uses several techniques to promote its products which are advertising, sales promotion, public relation and direct selling. The advertisements of McDonald’s are more worthy among its promotions techniques. It uses radio, TV, online media. Moreover, it uses also another technique which is sales promotions in order to attract a large numbers of the customers to its restaurants like, it offers freebies and discount coupons for specific products. McDonald’s uses public relations in order to enhance the business to the target market. McDonald did several activities that related to public relations like, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s Global Best of Green environmental program. It sometime uses direct selling like, local government parties and events and corporate clientele. In sum, the main technique that McDonald’s uses to promote its products is advertisements.     The Promotion of Burger King ?Burger King uses various techniques in order to advertiseits products. Promotion uses in order to attract and communicate with specific and target customers about Burger King’s offers. Burger King uses several promotion communication techniques arranged based on significance. First, advertising. Burger King depends on advertising for promotion. It always advertise on TV, print and online media. Second, sales promotions .For instance, it provides offers and coupons through Burger King’s mobile app and website. Third, personal sales. The employees of Burger King Restaurant use typically personal selling to inducetheir consumers to purchase more from menu like, dessert besides to what they already ordered. The last techniques is public relations. The Burger King Mclamore Foundation gives financial supports for educational programs and gives scholarships.  Therefore, it promotes effectively the strengthening of the Burger King Brand .In sum, Burger King greatly combines these various techniques of promotion in order to address this element of marketing mix.    The Place in McDonald’s Marketing MixMcDonald’s is one of the famous restaurants around the world. It is the most prominent places to distribute its products. In addition, the McDonald’s products are presented in locations or places that are considered as a component of the marketing mix. The following are the main locations for distribution of McDonald’s products:• Booth• Restaurants• The MacDonald application on the mobile• Postmates application and websiteThe company gets the most of its sales revenues from McDonald’s restaurants. Also some of the restaurants are given the responsibility for managing kiosks to sell a number of products such as desserts and ice cream. The kiosks are often use or open in formal, professional or sporting events, and they are temporary for specific period and then closed. Moreover, through the mobile application and site Postmats customers can place their orders. Adding, customers allow McDonald’s restaurant sites to claim special offers through the Android operating system and the company’s mobile software for iOS.  The Place in Burger King’s Marketing MixBurger King is one of the popular chain of restaurants spread around the world to meet the needs of its customers in order to achieve the company’s profits target customers. The places where the Burger King products are provided are:• Restaurants• Mobile Applications• Delivery applicationsIn addition, Burger King Customers can get their meals not only through restaurants also they can use mobile apps. Also their views and requests can be written in the restaurant’s application. Moreover, the restaurant application also provides special and free offers, coupons and home delivery service.     McDonald’s Prices and Pricing StrategyMcDonald’s pricing strategy dates back to psychological pricing and price bundling combined. Through psychological pricing, the products are offered at a reasonable price to the customer, where they believe that the McDonald’s meal costs only $ 1.99 but actually costs approximately $ 2. In addition, the company provides meals and products bundling to the discount through the price bundling.   Burger King’s Prices and Pricing StrategyThe strategies which Burger King’s follow them in pricing are the market-oriented pricing strategy and the Bundle pricing strategy. First, pricing strategy determines its prices through supply, demand and prevailing market conditions. Second,pricing strategy includes package pricing and a secondary pricing approach for Burger King. As a result, Burger King Restaurants are pricing their products by looking at market conditions.