Highest advertisement on television, newspaper or websites The

leader in organization usually takes the strategic level. The owner or board of
directors will make decision on objectives of the organization. These decisions
always are big choices and complex. The CEO of Durdans Hospitals
need to have vision and make the plan for company.
This decision will affect the long-term of business and the successful of
company in the market. In the case of Durdans Hospitals,
the manager of company should have more projects to compete another big
competitor. In addition, the manager will dealing with complex issues that
company face in market. In addition, board of manager can decide the available
fund to invest new project or service.

Tactical Decision

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is mainly use by middle level of management to ensure the effective use of
resources within organization. In this level, the resources input to a process
produce the maximum amount of output. The middle management decides the overall
direction of company and help to implement the strategy. The manager will
create tactical plan, which have more detail than strategic plan. It is also
relate to the economic use of resources.

the case of Durdans Hospitals,
middle manager will decide what the plan and mission for one month. They can create
some project to promotion the image of company in public such as advertisement
on television, newspaper or websites The Supervisory Board special focus on the
financial performance with policies by conducting meeting, together with
regular meeting, discussion and email communication to conduct major task as
follow, to ensure the stakeholder’s right.

Operational Decision

decisions involves in short-term and focus on the effectiveness of task carried
out on daily basic. It usually solves the problem through the action of
employees or customer services. Manager at this level decide the daily
activities happen in company.

Durdans Hospitals, manager usually solves
the problem from customer’s complaint about services of company. The manager will
make decision all daily activities to make sure the system run smoothly.
Example of unstructured and structured decisions at the different levels of
management will show in the following table